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Summer Internship project presentation


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Summer Internship project presentation. This Power point presentation will help the MBA and other management students of various universities to make an effective presentation at their Viva. The management graduates doing their internship in the telecom and other service will be benefited more from this slide.

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Summer Internship project presentation

  2. 2. INDUSTRY PROFILE  India is the second fastest growing telecom market in the world witnessing lowest tariff rate.  Liberalisation of sector to private players.  Dominance of private players.  Rapid growth in subscriber base & teledensity from 12% in 2002 to 79.28% in 2012.  Huge imbalance between rural and urban teledensity.
  3. 3. COMPANY PROFILE  Vodafone Group Plc, world's leading international mobile communications group with over 404.6 million customers.  Vodafone India, formerly known as Hutchison Essar and Vodafone Essar.  Entry to Indian market in 1992.  Second largest mobile network operator serving over 170 million customers in India with a presence in all 23 telecommunications circles.
  4. 4. VISION AND MISSION  Vision: “Our vision is to be recognised as the leading Indian telecom company, for our responsible and ethical behaviour, contributing positively to the world around us”.  Mission: "We will enhance value for our stakeholders and contribute to society by providing customers with innovative, affordable and customer friendly communication services. Through excellence in our services we aspire to be the most respected and successful telecommunications company in India. We see our customers, employees, shareholders and the community we operate in as our most important stakeholders”.
  5. 5. PRODUCT & SERVICE  Products  Sim cards  Mobile phones  USB sticks  Services  Productivity Services  Mobile broadband and internet  Voice and messaging  Machine 2 Machine solutions
  6. 6. ORGANIZATION CHART VODAFONE INDIA Martin Pieters (CEO) Directors Human resource s Chief Commercial Officer HR SERVICES Learning & Development HR Business Partners Resourcing Chief Operating Officer Enterprise Head O .D South O.D North O.D East O.D West Business Head Technology Head External Affairs Head Regulatory Head General Council Head
  7. 7. DEPARTMENTAL PROFILE HR & Administration Department:  Functions and Initiatives  Recruitment  Performance Dialogue  Talent Management  Towards a Safer work place  Employee Recognition  Ensuring infrastructure and hygiene work place
  8. 8. Marketing and Sales Department  Karnataka circle is divided in to 8 zones.  It helps to build a strong customer base, good customer relationship  Functions  Deliver innovative products and services  Promotion by effective advertisement campaigning  Demand-Supply balancing  Product penetration and target acquisitions
  9. 9. Technology Department:  This department has been contracted to IBM  Functions  Providing IT support to all departments  Ensure IT applications and systems availability and scalability to meet growth and market challenges  Ensure data security  24*7 Handling Network failures  Review existing and new IT infrastructure
  10. 10. Customer Service Department:  Customer service requires a great deal of patience  Main point of contact for a customer  Functions  Customer problem handling  Reducing voluntary subscriber churn  Telemarketing  Process management of store retentions  Maintenance of customer touch points
  11. 11. SWOT ANALYSIS  STRENGTHS  Brand recognition & Strong international presence  2nd highest subscriber base in India  Strong advertising strategies  WEAKNESS  High customers churn  Rural India unable to relate to the brand  Poor network in rural areas  No 3G license in many circles
  12. 12.  OPPORTUNITIES  Emerging markets and expansion  Tower sharing business  Product and services expansion  Growing Enterprise solution market  Capital through IPO in India  THREATS  Highly competitive market  Still lags behind major competitor in India  Extremely high penetration rates in key markets.
  13. 13. PROBLEM ANALYSIS  Statement of the Problem: Analysis on awareness of internet and 3G mobile services among the rural flock  Methodology: Interview conducted among 100 respondents in rural Tumkur, Chikkaballapur, Chikkamagalur and Kolar.   Objective of Study Understand the rural awareness of internet and 3G in rural areas
  14. 14. Findings:  Most of the respondents have income more than 50000 per annum  30% of rural respondents use mobile internet  Low consumer awareness on 3G Suggestions  Launch “made for rural” internet and 3G offers  Adopt the tower sharing scheme for network coverage  Offer affordable internet services to penetrate in to the market
  15. 15. Findings of the Study:  High ethical principles of the company in business sustainability  High ethical values and Zero bribery rate  Strict adherence to rules by the employees  Friendly culture without discrimination on the basis of job positions  Employee safety plans through HSW Policy  Various employee recognition programmes
  16. 16. LEARNING & CONCLUSION  Wide knowledge about telecom industry  Consumer behaviour in rural market  Work place behaviour of employee  Organisational culture at Vodafone  Relationship between the departments  Knowledge about other industries through experienced employees  Importance of ethics and CSR activities