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Mahara Granny goes MaharaHuiUK15


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My personal learning story with Mahara told at MaharaHuiUK15 in Southampton

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Mahara Granny goes MaharaHuiUK15

  1. 1. … Katia Aiko Murato Arend Linda Pospisilova Christine Duelfer
  2. 2. • Nigel McNie • Penny Leach • Kristina Hoeppner • Don Presant • Sam Taylor • all dear colleagues who helped overcome obstacles! • The MAHARA community!!!!
  3. 3.
  4. 4. Building a castle for life..
  5. 5. Competences cannot be taught, they need to be aquired by learners. Fahse, Christian: Wie unterrichtet man Kompetenzen? MNU 57/8 (12/2004)
  6. 6. ‘’ … students gain a personal space on the web which they can control, and which is the antithesis of the institutional VLE/LMS. This, said Groom, is the essence of digital literacy. Students were given an innovation tool kit within their own domain, so that when they leave the university, they take it with them to use as they will.” Steve Wheeler on EDUPUNK Jim Groom’s “Good morning Barcelona!! „ talk
  7. 7.
  8. 8. • Connecting with other learners • Collecting artefacts • Collaborating in groups • Reflecting in blogs • Communicating in forums • Sharing results • Presenting to others • Getting feedback Colla- borate Connect Commu- nicate Feed- back Share Present Reflect Collect
  9. 9. • Finding friends • Creating groups • Sending direct messages • Sharing pages • Getting /giving feedback • ….. Connect
  10. 10. • Creating a repository of own artefacts • Using artifacts stored in other cloud services flickr, dropbox etc..) • Using mobile upload from smartphone • Embedding objects from the cloud Collect
  11. 11. • Setting up own group for teamwork • Sharing stuff within group • Creating group pages, working from different places at different times • Sharing group pages with peers, tutors, public… Colla- borate
  12. 12. • Writing blog entries on learning progress • Integrating videos or podcasts • Visualizing processes with pictures • ….. Reflect
  13. 13. • Using forums for scaffolding learning • Using the forum for quick opinion forming • Setting up forums for learning groups • Setting up forums for various purposes to avoid chaos • Setting up various topics for different questions • … • … Commu- nicate
  14. 14. • Sharing pages with friends, peers, tutors, specific groups, public • Presenting a page to an audience to give evidence of learning • Handing in a page/ collection for assessment • …… Share
  15. 15. • Present a project to an audience with the help of a page • Give evidence of learning by presenting to a tutor • Do an online presentation via skype or conference tools • Do a group presentation of a project with peers • … Present
  16. 16. • Give permission to get feedback • Getting feedback on single artefacts • Getting feedback for page/collection • Getting feedback from peers/tutors/public • Learning from qualified feedback Feed- back
  17. 17. Sigi Jakob-Kühn, OStR‘in Twitter: Networking_Lady Skype: sigijakob