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30 Day Health

30 Day Health provides a new mobile technology to improve patient management, schedule early intervention, improve medical treatment outcomes and, ultimately, reduce the staggeringly high number of hospital re-admissions

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30 Day Health

  1. 1. Annual hospital re-admissions in the US 50 million 20% will be readmitted within 30 days $ 17.4 billion
  2. 2. New patented technology  improve patient management  schedule early intervention  reduce readmissions  improve outcomes
  3. 3. Meet Bill  68 years old  Congestive Heart Failure  Discharged from hospital today The next 30 days are key to successful recovery
  4. 4. Doctor ’s recovery plan Doctor wants early mobility Needs to avoid prolonged bed rest Recommends 30 steps / day based on baseline level and similar recovery plans
  5. 5. How the system works STEP I Doctor defines baseline and sets goals for recovery STEP II STEP III Patient wears the 30day motion sensor (wireless tracker) all day Sensor and system seamlessly communicate with family members and doctors for 30days
  6. 6. Day 5 Bill spent long periods in bed with no activity System intervenes, notifies his daughter Daughter assist him to become more mobile First incident avoided… Day 20 Bill is short of breath; Reduced mobility System schedules consult; Doctor changes medicine dosage Breathing easier; Readmission avoided Outcome improved by early intervention
  7. 7. The big audacious goal 20,000 DECREASE PAT I ENT S EARLY READMISSION RATES REDUCE READMI T S BY 50% SAVE $17 M
  8. 8. Milestones SEPTEMBER 2014 Beta testing with first partner – confirmed NOVEMBER 2014 Introduce the technology to our other partners JANUARY 2015 Seek other suitable pilot projects FEBRUARY – MARCH 2015 Commence pilot projects with identified Clinics; Orthopaedic / rehabilitation specialists MARCH 2015- Move from pilot into live operations Expand into new regions (Europe, UK)
  9. 9. HOSPITALS INSURERS Business Case Licence Fee Per pat ient , per month Device Sales PROVIDERS
  11. 11. The Team Simon Spur r Geof f Appelboom Nuno dos Ramos Co- founder S t r a t e g y g u y 1 2 y e a r s h e a l t h c a r e c o n s u l t i n g Co- founder Te c h g u y 1 0 y e a r s h e a l t h c a r e I n f o rma t i o n s y s t ems Co- founder Me d i c a l g u y MD P h D Ne u r o s u r g e o n
  12. 12. Tomorrow’s healthcare, today