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The Digital Media landscape in India

A slide to visualize the digital media space in India.

Did you know that India has the world's 3rd largest online population with just 12% internet penetration?

Find out more inside.

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The Digital Media landscape in India

  1. Welcome to India The land of 1.21 billion population
  2. With over 200,780,998 internet users
  3. Total Internet users
  4. people use internet in India
  5. Growth in internet users in over the past 12 months
  6. access the internet via mobile devices
  7. … The Rural India …
  8. 68 million claimed internet users and 46 million active users
  9. growth in the number of active internet users
  10. There were internet and active users in India.
  11. There were users in rural India who had accessed internet at least once in their lives.
  12. Yet only of the active users transact online.
  13. Nearly of the internet users prefer to access Internet only in languages.
  14. of the rural internet population is comfortable in accessing in English.
  15. transactions is still in its stages.
  16. According to the Internet and Mobile Association of India (IAMAI) only of the Total Indians use internet
  17. There are still issues getting in remote areas.
  18. … Online Activity …
  19. Guess the average time an Indian internet user spends on social media?
  20. of Indian internet users watch online
  21. Indian mobile users subscribed to data packages access net via mobile phone.
  22. Women use Instant Messaging times as much as men and are more active on their networks.
  23. on the other hand install more apps than women apps/ per month as compared to by women
  24. love to They spend hours more on calls every month than men
  25. love to They spend around more time than women in browsing.
  26. key online activities in India
  27. of the engagement on a post happens in the first hours
  28. of users on Twitter have tweeted.
  29. of the traffic comes from mobile.
  30. of all Indian netizens are on , the highest in the world.
  31. Indians are on Twitter, largest in the world
  32. LinkedIn YouTube
  33. Monthly active users Total users
  34. Monthly active users Total users
  35. Monthly active users Total users
  36. has the world's largest online population.... with just internet penetration
  37. Nielsen Informate mobile insights ComSource media metrix DATA SOURCES IMAGE CREDITS
  38. DATA SOURCES IMAGE CREDITS Thanks to Flickr for the images without which the Slide would be incomplete, thanks to all the photographers. Please note we do not claim copyrights over any of the images that have been used here. Thanks to Nielsen, ComSource, Digital Strategy and Business Standard for providing us with the data. Hope you have found this ppt useful. Cheers, Rajashree Das Social Media Analyst Simplify360
  40. Simplify360, is the world’s leading social business intelligence company. Our latest offerings are Social Marketing Suite for agencies, Social Contact Center for BPOs, Social Media Analytics and Social Command Center for Enterprises. We enable businesses to perform:  Online Reputation Management,  Customer Service,  Community Management,  Social Media Research & Brand Auditing,  Online Sales Lead Generation, and  Consumer Sentiment Analysis. We operate directly or through partners in the US, Malaysia, Korea, and Brazils to name a few. The company’s products and services are sold in over 100 countries. SOCIAL BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE US Headquartered at 1330, Capital Parkway, Carrollton, TX 75006.