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The Essence of Design for Startups


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The essence of design from a startup perspective for non-designers. Presented at Startup Saturday Delhi 4 on 11 April, 2009.

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The Essence of Design for Startups

  1. The Essence of Design for startups — J Arun, Designer at SlideShare
  2. Colour Theory Layouts Photoshop Web Standards Ty p o g ra p hy CSS
  3. Colour Theory Layouts Photoshop What this is not about Web Standards Ty p o g ra p hy CSS
  4. What is design?
  5. Colours Balance Simplify on design Everybody has an opinion Whitespace Readability Fonts
  6. “Creating order out of chaos” –Alexander White
  7. Design is not decoration
  8. “Do you want the people visiting this site to notice it?”
  9. Tell a story or generate some sort of action. But if the user notices the site, not the story, you've lost.
  10. Think like a designer?
  11. NO
  12. Think like a user
  13. Two questions to ask...
  14. Better experience?
  15. Better communication?
  16. Experience Communication
  17. Experience Communication
  18. Experience Communication
  19. Experience Communication
  20. Experience Communication Needless to say
  21. Experience Communication
  22. Experience Communication
  23. Experience Communication
  24. Experience Communication
  25. Experience Communication
  26. Experience Communication
  27. Experience Communication
  28. Experience Communication
  29. Communicating in tangible ways
  30. Depicts 28,000 42-gallon barrels, the amount of of oil consumed in the United States every two minutes (equal to the flow of a medium-sized river). Running the Numbers An American Self-Portrait — Chris Jordan
  31. The number of dollars spent every hour by the US government on the war in Iraq (125,000 one-hundred dollar bills, that is, $12.5 million). Running the Numbers An American Self-Portrait — Chris Jordan
  32. Simplification
  33. Thoughtfulness
  34. Form vs Function?
  35. Form vs Function
  36. Form AND Function
  37. Questions?
  38. Shout outs Pankaj Jain Nikhil Ritesh Gurudatta Bhobe Startup Saturday Team
  39. Presentation slides Elsewhere
  40. Photo Credits, Attribution Seth Godin: Chris Jordan: Tube map: