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10 Step Example of an Effective Drip Marketing Campaign


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Drip marketing is a highly effective and personalized form of automated marketing. See how you can create your own drip marketing campaigns and why they are effective for your customers.

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10 Step Example of an Effective Drip Marketing Campaign

  1. 1. Drip Marketing 10 Step Example of an Effective Drip Marketing Campaign SimplyCast 866.323.6572
  2. 2. What is Drip Marketing? ● ● Drip marketing is the process of sending a series of personalized automated messages to a customer or sales lead over a period of time. Drip marketing helps nurture leads until they either are ready to purchase or they drop off.
  3. 3. Why Does Drip Marketing Work? ● ● ● ● Drip marketing is effective because it is based on customer actions or triggers, which makes the messages highly personalized and relevant, providing the customer with the information they need Drip marketing also helps the customer keep your company in mind Drip marketing is a great way to provide coupons and other promotional material, enticing customer to purchase Drip marketing is also useful for sending educational material, known as content marketing, to help customers find more useful information
  4. 4. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 1: “Hi Sara, thank you for signing up for our monthly newsletter! This message confirms your signup. As a signup bonus, we would like to offer you this 25% off coupon on any of our best sellers.” This message confirms the customer's signup and provides a promotional offer
  5. 5. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 2: “Hi Sara, you recently made a purchase of Pride and Prejudice. We hope you are enjoying this great book, and we would like to let you know that we also offer the entire Jane Austen collection, both separately and as a box set. Click here to view our collection.” This message appeals to the customer's personal interests and links to relevant information
  6. 6. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 3: “Hi Sara, you viewed our Jane Austen collection. Are you thinking of adding to your own library? If so, we would like to offer you 15% of your next Jane Austen book purchase or 30% off the complete box set. To redeem, enter the code “Jane” when you check out.” This message is triggered when the customer has viewed but not purchased, and offers a discount to encourage a purchase
  7. 7. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 4: “Hi Sara, we're glad to see you're adding to your home library. We would like to let you know about our yearly membership, which provides a 15% discount on every purchase. Click here to sign up.” This message lets the customer know about the benefits of a membership, a recurring source of revenue for the company but also a smart idea for a customer who purchases often
  8. 8. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 5: “Hi Sara, the holidays are coming up. Don't forget about the book lovers in your life! We have book suggestions from guest authors and a list of the 10 most popular holiday-themed books to help you decide.” This message provides a seasonal reminder and links to related educational resources
  9. 9. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 6: “Hi Sara, as our Christmas gift to our customers we are giving away 20 signed copies of Ms. X's latest bestseller! Click here to enter the contest!” This message is designed to engage the customer with a fun contest
  10. 10. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 7: “Hi Sara, don't forget to like us on Facebook for exclusive promotions and contests!” This message encourages the customer to engage with the business in another way, building loyalty, and lets them know the benefits of doing so
  11. 11. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 8: “Hi Sara, you have purchased six books so far. Don't forget about our membership. With the member discount, you could have saved $22.95 on your purchases. Click here to sign up today.” This message reminds the customer of the benefits of a membership and provides an easy way to sign up
  12. 12. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 9: “Hi Sara, you visited our site and began shopping but did not complete your order. If you would still like to purchase, use the promo code 2020 to receive a 20% discount. If you're having trouble deciding on a book, check out this recent list of bestsellers.” More discounts and more educational resources to help re-engage the customer
  13. 13. Example Drip Marketing Campaign ● ● Message 10: “Hi Sara, we're so pleased you have signed up for our yearly membership! To update your information at any time, please use this form. As a thank you for joining, your first book is free!” Business has successfully gotten customer to sign up for membership, and now the personalized messages continue with discounts, renewal reminders, contests and more
  14. 14. Contact SimplyCast ● We offer an automated drip marketing solution that is easy to use and competitively priced. We call it customer flow communication. ● ● 866.323.6572 ● ●