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Transmedia as foresighting. transmedia futures event s lab ocadu


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A talk given July 31 2012, at the Transmedia Futures event, sLab OCADU

Published in: Design, Business, Technology
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Transmedia as foresighting. transmedia futures event s lab ocadu

  1. TRANSMEDIAforesighting Transmedia as a Foresighting Practice in a Web 2.0 World... Siobhan O’Flynn, PhD Interactive Storytelling c. 2001 NarrativeNow Transmedia Futures. sLab OCADU July 31, 2012Wednesday, 1 August, 12
  2. How To Transmediastories Transmedia stories are those which ‘unfold across multiple media platforms with each new text making a distinctive and valuable contribution the whole.’ Henry Jenkins, Convergence Culture 2006Wednesday, 1 August, 12
  3. How To TransmediaWorldsWednesday, 1 August, 12
  4. How To TransmediaWorlds ‘Branded entertainment comes and goes in a flash, but transmedia storylines are timeless because they are built on a foundation of classic narrative structure. They’re good stories.’ ‘Transmedia bibles build on archetypal patterns & identifying the core theme & values of a story. Jeff GomezWednesday, 1 August, 12
  5. How To Transmediaproduction Dr. Pamela Rutledge Dr. Pamela Rutledge, 1 August, 12
  6. Strong Character...Clear Genre TransmediastoryWednesday, 1 August, 12
  7. make it social 2009 twitter & facebook game User-Defined Footer TextWednesday, 1 August, 12
  8. BBC 2011-12 sherlockholmesWednesday, 1 August, 12
  9. Alternative Distribution Channels in-timeblogging Science of deduction Dr. John watson the whip handWednesday, 1 August, 12
  10. Integrated transmediaStorytelling integrated content across platformsWednesday, 1 August, 12
  11. Break the4thwallWednesday, 1 August, 12
  12. key... transmediadesign • Strong living characters (villains too!) • Immersive worldbuilding = rules, values, conflicts • Entice: gaps, mysteries, narrative spaces • Engage: design for participation • Technology is a tool, not a goal • Respect your fans • Your audience is global • Extend - hope - no pray! - for sharing • Start a movementWednesday, 1 August, 12
  13. Designing for multiplescreens • consider context of use • design for one or many • design for distinct affordancesWednesday, 1 August, 12
  14. Wednesday, 1 August, 12
  15. facebooktraffic, 1 August, 12
  16. Web 2.0 M2mdiwo • networked intelligence • communities of interest • sharing vs. commercial economies • participatory mediaWednesday, 1 August, 12
  17. 5D Design transmediadesign story/ integrated experience engagement storyworld platforms design strategyWednesday, 1 August, 12
  18. Transmedia experiencemapping entice enter engage exit extendWednesday, 1 August, 12
  19. planning for human behaviour future unpredictability past predictabilityWednesday, 1 August, 12
  20. planning for human behaviour transmedia & foresighting experience design: variables future unpredictability past predictabilityWednesday, 1 August, 12
  21. Greek Tragedy systemofwarnings Tragedy genre as structure genre as a contract For Greeks, Oedipus REX is affective because they knew the story grazie Byron Lavoilette for ‘system of warnings‘Wednesday, 1 August, 12
  22. Greek Tragedy systemofwarnings Oedipus rex not original story sophocles’ version one of many task of the poet... leverage the known surprise, Delight, Move audience by innovating within known formWednesday, 1 August, 12
  23. Strong Static Character closedsystem structureofinevitabilityWednesday, 1 August, 12
  24. Transmedia systemofinvitations, 1 August, 12
  25. Transmedia designedforparticipation, 1 August, 12
  26. design for what people do... & what you think they may do...Wednesday, 1 August, 12
  27. Transmedia Designed as a System of Possibilities based on Assumptions of Projected Human Behaviour, 1 August, 12
  28. thank you Siobhan O’Flynn, PhD NarrativeNow University of Toronto @Sioflynn on Twitter website: siobhanoflynn.comWednesday, 1 August, 12