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DMPTuuli - what's new?

A presentation given for the DMPTuuli visio 2030 workshop to profile latest news and new features

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DMPTuuli - what's new?

  1. 1. DMP – news and new features Sarah Jones Associate Director, DCC Twitter: @sjDCC DMPTuuli visio 2030 workshop, 14th January 2020
  2. 2. How does DMPTuuli work? Online tool to support researchers to develop Data Management Plans, tailored to their context Guidance and examples from funders, unis, research disciplines and others DMP Requirements from funders, institutions and others Create Share Review Download Update …..
  3. 3. Interface / usability changes Image by Glenn Carstens-Peters
  4. 4. Sharing DMPs: plan visibility Plans are private by default, but can be shared institutionally or made public. Visibility & plan feedback options available under ‘Share’ tab
  5. 5. Public DMPs & templates pages
  6. 6. Email notification settings
  7. 7. ORCID integration
  8. 8. Adding EC grant IDs to your DMP • New field which displays for H2020 DMPs • Harvest IDs from OpenAIRE to provide a lookup list • Enables join up of DMP with other outputs
  9. 9. Improving the admin functionality Image by Carlos Muza
  10. 10. Improved admin controls • Assign privileges to others in your org (user tab) • Upload your own logo, links & abbreviations (org tab) • Easier template publishing and versioning • Versioning on customisations of funder templates • Improved search options
  11. 11. Template versioning & history • See a history table of historic (uneditable) versions • Records changes as draft. Version creates on publishing • Can copy templates for ease of creation / editing
  12. 12. Customising funder templates • Drag and drop feature to easily re-order template sections • Can add multiple sections, but only have 1 in first position
  13. 13. Offering feedback on plans Organisations can choose to offer feedback on DMPs. If enabled, users get an option to submit plans for feedback. Admins are alerted to requests and comments are left using the ‘share note’ field.
  14. 14. Admin view of all org plans Panel which shows DMPs for review
  15. 15. Usage dashboard
  16. 16. Making better use of data via API Allows you to obtain: - Details of user registrations - Details of plans by template and other stats - Full-text download for all DMPs - Harvest of all your guidance Planning to increase functionality to support use e.g. API to tag users to departments, scripts to give daily/weekly/monthly reports on new plans Benefits and guidelines on using the API -
  17. 17. Support for you Image by Everton Vila
  18. 18. Administrator user guide
  19. 19. Monthly video tutorials
  20. 20. Monthly updates Monthly newsletter, knowledge exchange and drop-in calls
  21. 21. New marketing materials
  22. 22. Forthcoming features Image “BalloonFest” by alanszalwinski CC-BY-SA
  23. 23. Site now fully accessible Several changes made for screen-reader compatibility Will notice that boxes highlight actions as you tab through New windows are flagged with popup messages
  24. 24. Export your own template & guidance Option to download in main template menu or Download older versions under template history
  25. 25. One-click plan create New option accessible from ‘Funder requirements’ page Creates a DMP, using your profile (e.g. name, institution)
  26. 26. Conditional questions • Ability to add / skip questions • Set triggers e.g. answer X  send email alert • Option displays on radio buttons and multiple choice
  27. 27. Improved usage statistics • Make filter and graphs interactive • Separate out test plan statistics • Do a single download of all reports • Enable Google analytics • Add a funder statistics dashboard %9C%93&q=label%3Adashboard+
  28. 28. Custom domains / homepages • Own URL and homepage • Can customise text on static pages (home, help, contact…) • Better institutional identity
  29. 29. Other planned tasks • Reworking plan creation wizard • Rails v.5 upgrade (allows document upload) • Integrations for machine-actionable DMPs - Assigning DOIs - Using Research Organisation (ROR) and FundRef IDs - Selection of (recommended) repositories via Re3data - Integration with F1000 Open Research Platform - Embedding data licensing wizard
  30. 30. Connect & stay in touch Twitter Blog User group @DMPonline and #ActiveDMPs Tool Twitter Helpdesk User group @dmpTuuli
  31. 31. INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CURATION CONFERENCE Collective Curation: the many hands that make data work #idcc20 Organised by 2020 17 – 20 February 2020 Dublin, Ireland