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Future EOSC roadmap

The final panel discussion at the EOSC Symposium in Budapest, November 2019

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Future EOSC roadmap

  1. 1. Looking at the future: EOSC implementation roadmap Panel chaired by Sarah Jones EOSC Executive Board EOSC Symposium 26-28th November 2019 Budapest Interact!
  2. 2. Stakeholder representatives Hilary Hanahoe Research Data Alliance Elena Giglia University of Turin Maria Ristkok HITSA EENet Fran�oise Genova CDS Helena Cousijn DataCite
  3. 3. Opening question The governance structure is tasked with having an initial, functioning EOSC by end 2020. What do you see as the most pressing next steps to achieve this?
  4. 4. Have your say! Add a question Vote on questions
  5. 5. Closing question Looking further ahead, beyond 2020, how should the EOSC be governed and operated to achieve the principles of open sharing and collective action characteristic of a Commons?
  6. 6. Co-create EOSC and the next Symposium Image by Randy Fath