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RDM skills

Presentation given to the ARDC Skilled Workforce Summit on data capabilities, reflecting on international lessons

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RDM skills

  1. 1. Thoughts on skills Sarah Jones Digital Curation Centre Twitter: @sjDCC ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney • What skills are needed by whom? • How should those skills be acquired? • Challenges on the horizon
  2. 2. Data skills landscape ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney Research community Support community Knowledge of research discipline Knowledge of data management and curation Data scientist Research Software Engineer e-Research Data librarian Digital preservation Data steward 2
  3. 3. Who needs to know what? • Can researchers be consciously incompetent of RDM? • Can support staff know nothing of research?
  4. 4. CODATA/RDA Data Science Schools Curriculum covering: • Open Science & RDM • Ethical use of data • Data analysis • Data visualisation • Machine learning • Computational infrastructure research-data-science-summer-schools ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney 4
  5. 5. CLIR Postdoctoral Fellowships • Offers recent PhD graduates the chance to develop research tools, resources, and services • Brings research skills into library community • Increases data curation knowledge in research • Provides an ongoing networking fora for fellows ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney 5
  6. 6. Data stewards @ TU Delft • Provide disciplinary support for data management & sharing • Every Faculty has a dedicated data steward • All have a research background • Data stewards are employees of the Faculty • Coordinated by Marta Teperek in Library • Paper describing programme: • Blog: ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney 6
  7. 7. Data Curation Network • A shared staffing model for digital curation to expand beyond what any single institution might offer alone • Allows partner institutions to tap into subject or technical expertise at other institutions • Growing network with long-term aim to level playing field for smaller, less-resourced institutions • Currently addressing sustainability plan / business model • Lisa Johnston at Minnesota is PI ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney 7
  8. 8. 1. Have to go beyond the classroom ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney 8
  9. 9. 2. Recognise the value of all roles “FAIR data should be recognised as a core research output and included in the assessment of research contributions and career progression. The provision of infrastructure and services that enable FAIR data must also be recognised and rewarded accordingly.” Hodson, S, Jones, S et al. (2018) Turning FAIR into Reality: Final report and action plan from the European Commission Expert Group on FAIR data. ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney 9
  10. 10. 3. Provide career pathways UKRSE case study • Coined the title “Research Software Engineer” • Advocacy campaign to raise awareness of role • Establish institution wide research software groups  15 at UK unis case study on p49 CODATA/RDA schools model • Act as ambassadors and teach peers back home • Students return as helpers and get new learnings • Many have gone on to run their own schools • Influential for their careers 10 Oscar’s storyMarcela’s story
  11. 11. 4. Coordinate internationally ARDC Skills Summit, 29-30th July 2019, Sydney 11 Share expertise on delivering skills Reach consensus on curricula Lobby for data management becoming part of core research skills curricula Act as a hub for reusable training materials Provide the professional support network
  12. 12. INTERNATIONAL DIGITAL CURATION CONFERENCE Collective Curation: the many hands that make data work #idcc20 Organised by 2020 17 – 20 February 2020 Dublin, Ireland12