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From an idea to a global successful company

Mentoring, startups

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From an idea to a global successful company

  1. 1. From an Idea to a Global successful company how technical people with a novel idea can start and grow a meaningful global company! Sotiris Karagiannis IT Architect @skaragiannis
  2. 2. Who am I? A Tech Visionary with a life timeline full of changes between Education, Innovation, Entrepreneurship 1970’s Moon, Robot Toys, Air Models, Electronics, Boards, Mini Computers, Games 1980’s 2000 1980’s Computers, Uni (Applied Math), Software, Artificial Intelligence Edinburgh 1990’s ..1990’s ISP in N. Greece, Internet Software, Web Apps, Infrastructure, Cloud ,Future?
  3. 3. My Career Path  My career path is full of changes in a continuous search for knowledge, innovation, entrepreneurship and real market value in the ICT industry (help Businesses succeed)  But whatever I did, I NEVER stopped LOVING what I did.   I was many times a self starter (a Serial Entrepreneur) and I was never settled with what I had (in terms of my everyday life).  Old times were different (location, education, entrepreneurship, global reach, market etc). Now we live in a different world.
  4. 4. The Basics  Why you do ICT (do you love it) ?  Why you are here ?  What problems do you want to solve?  Are you afraid of failure?  Do you take risks (calculated or other)?  Do you want to change the World ?
  5. 5. The Idea  You are solving a problem  You know what it takes to solve it  You wish to try and don’t mind to fail  Your life is depended on it ?  Is it going to change the world?
  6. 6. Why should anyone care ?  Is there a market for your product?  Who else is thinking that (globally)?  Can you execute (who else is executing)?  What is the value of it (money talk)?  Do customers care (metrics) ?  What do you need to do it?
  7. 7. Questions / Considerations 4 the TEAM  Sole Founder / cofounders?  Location ?  Funding ? Do you know how much you need ?  Intellectual protection (secret sauce)!!  Business Plan / 3 Year Budget/B.Plan
  8. 8. What People expect from U Personality Team Play Efficiency Attitude Flexibility
  9. 9. Fundraising  Customer Validation (metrics again)?  Pilots / Commitments in EN speaking countries?  Shares / Equity / Advisors etc  Legal !!  Mentoring / coaching
  10. 10. Take Off  Product sales  Marketing  Continuous funding rounds  Success  Exit !!!
  11. 11. Final Advise Make more effort than is expected of you. Adapt to the rapid changes Think BUSINESS !! Stay Hungry Stay Foolish
  12. 12. Thank You !! @skaragiannis