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Weber ferguson incison (poster)

Weber ferguson incison- Oral surgery

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Weber ferguson incison (poster)

  1. 1. WEBER FERGUSSON INCISON INDICATION: It is indicated for access for tumors involving the maxilla extending superiorly to the infra orbital nerve & into or involving the orbit. It provides a wide access to all areas of maxilla. • INCISON LINE Line is drown through the vermillion border, along the filtrum of the lip, extending around the base of the nose & along the facial nasal groove. It then extends infra orbitally 3-4 mm below the cilium to the lateral canthus Tarsorrhaphy suture are placed in eyelid. INCISON: it is made through skin &sub cutaneous tissue along the nose.full thickness upper lip is transsected and the labial artery ligated. •Preserving as much as possible, upto maxillary tuberosity. The sub ciliary component extends through the orbiculoris occuli muscle and the down to bone in preseptal plane. BY- CHANDAN KUNDU Final prof. Collected by- Sk Aziz Ikbal Dept. of oral & maxillofacial surgery Dieffenbach extention Lynch’s extention Borle’s extention There is some motification Lynch’s Extention Borle’s Extention Dieffenbach Extention
  2. 2. • Ref. From- colour atlas of head & neck surgery, jatin P. Shah MD, MS(surg) ,FACS -British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 48 (2010) e23–e24. - -British Journal of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery 49 (2011) 442–446. _ Technicalnote ModifiedWeber–FergussonincisionwithBorle’sextension Anshul Rai ∗, Nitinbhola, Abhaydatarkar,Rajeevborle SharadPawarDentalCollegeWardha,MHIndia Accepted 31March2010