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How to Memorize Your Presentation the Right Way?

Speaking from memory is not as difficult as it seems-if done right. Learn the simple tips that will help you memorize your presentation very easily.

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How to Memorize Your Presentation the Right Way?

  1. 1. How to Memorize Your Presentation
  2. 2. Nothing erodes your credibility as a speaker faster than signaling to the audience that you are dependent on your slides.
  3. 3. SPEAKING FROM extremely effective MEMORY CAN BE IF DONE RIGHT
  4. 4. It inspires confidence that you know what you're talking about and establishes you as an authority.
  6. 6. Research into brain science has proven that there is a very deep connection between the way we remember an event and the space in which it occurred
  7. 7. To use the Method of Loci, you simply need to visualize a location through which you can take an imaginary walk perhaps similar to a route you have memorized on your way to work
  8. 8. Eg. Memorize the names of the U.S. Presidents in order (there are 44). To get into the car park, I jumped over a washing line (George Washington), where Adam and Eve (John Adams) were playing cricket with Geoffrey Boycott (Thomas Jefferson). Marilyn Manson (James Madison) was in the IT block getting off with Marilyn Monroe (James Monroe) etc.
  9. 9. CREATE A Mind Map OF YOUR PRESENTATION Mind Maps break down complex subjects into easily distinguishable visual categories
  11. 11. According to a Research, Memory can Improve by more than 10 Percent if Information is Spoken and Repeated out Loud
  13. 13. KEEP YOUR 20 20-20 Rule REHEARSALS WITHIN THE Memory experts recommend that it is easier to memorize presentations by reviewing your material for 20 minutes and then repeating the information twice for 20 minutes each. If material is not repeated within 30 minutes, it is not encoded into long-term memory
  14. 14. REHEARSE Bedtime BEFORE
  15. 15. REHEARSE Bedtime BEFORE A research shows that sleep enhances the Consolidation of Recently-Acquired Information in our memory system If you rehearse your presentation just before bedtime, you are more likely to Remember the Material more easily in the morning
  16. 16. Eg. To Recall the process of Managing Question- Answer Periods, Try CRAM: Concentrate, Repeat, Answer and Move on
  17. 17. Do not write it in a word-for-word manuscript; rather, make an outline with specific points or thoughts
  18. 18. WHAT IF YOU STILL forget SOMETHING ?
  19. 19. Pause and Give Yourself Time to Remember. But always have a fall-back exercise Ask the audience to repeat your last three points. Put them in pairs and have them talk to their partner for one minute about an important point This gives you time to Recall and Recover
  20. 20. and the audience will likely not notice as only you know the ideas that you want to present. Simply Move on
  21. 21. PRACTICE, PRACTICE, AND PRACTICE Thank you Lets Connect: Contact: