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BI WORLDWIDE Global Engagement Point of View


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*The EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE is more important than the reward
* Engagement Solutions must be grounded in BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS
*Middle Managers are THE KEY to an Engaged Workplace
*It's not GLOBAL unless you're LOCAL
*Points of Differentiation: Technology / Global Credentials / Employee Rewards / Award Value (Employees)

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BI WORLDWIDE Global Engagement Point of View

  1. 1. BI WORLDWIDE GLOBAL EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT POINT OF VIEW THE EMPLOYEE EXPERIENCE IS MORE IMPORTANT THAN THE REWARD • • • • • ENGAGEMENT SOLUTIONS MUST BE GROUNDED IN BEHAVIORAL ECONOMICS Unique, patent-pending social recognition tool Manager engagement Easy and accessible Online shopping for choice of awards Social / public recognition • Thought leader in behavioral economics • 77% of decisions driven by emotion − Choice Architecture: all good designs framed for maximum results − Preference Reversal: difference between what we say and how we actually behave • Primary research with academic leaders in behavioral sciences IT’S NOT GLOBAL UNLESS YOU’RE LOCAL MIDDLE MANAGERS ARE THE KEY TO AN ENGAGED WORKPLACE • More than 400,000 managers received recognition, program, and platform training • Built-in manager engagement tools − Manager Discretionary − Spot Awards App − Personalized dashboard − Comprehensive suite of reports − Budget meter and reminders − Engagement reminders More than 400,000 MANAGERS TRAINED • 7 BIW Global Headquarters Operating in − 34 Offices Worldwide 120 Countries • 18 Customer Care Centers for local support • Local program support, in time zone and in language • Local billing that saves money • Locally sourced, culturally relevant awards • Point parity system
  2. 2. BI WORLDWIDE GLOBAL EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT POINTS OF DIFFERENTIATION Technology Global Credentials • The most advanced social recognition system in the industry, leveraging the latest technology • BIW has the global reach and unmatched local presence: • One consistent and consolidated recognition system − Local program support, in time zone and in language − Local billing that saves money − Locally sourced, culturally relevant awards • Audience smart technology to combine general program information with distinct and relevant content • The first and only recognition system with responsive web design − Provides access to employees using any device at any time − Dynamic, visually appealing, and intuitive web design • We understand local trends, the regulatory environment, high-level tax regulations (sales, service, VAT and GST) • We supply all tax reporting data and track client tax practices • The most robust system with more employee engagement apps and manager engagement tools • Award earnings management system to manage varying point values around the world • The ultimate in scalability to support any audience size, number of countries, languages, and segments • In-country billing • Industry-leading innovation − − − − − Recognition PURL UDrawit Gamification Personalized dashboards New Apps on the way • Flexibility to connect G5 to ERP/HRIS/CRM systems • Both multi-tenant and customizable single-tenant website configuration and pricing • Our technology is award agnostic − While our research and experience, backed by academic studies shows online shopping as a better value, our recognition system is designed to support the use of gift cards. − Typically saves our customers 3-5% of their total awards budget Employee Awards • Global Awards − Local sourcing and fulfillment • US Catalog − More than 2.5 million choices including merchandise, travel and event experiences, vouchers, movie tickets, books and music downloads − BIW provides a best-in-class online shopping experience that reflects the market trends (17% increase) • Unmatched fulfillment and customer support services • Simple one-step redemption • Awards are inclusive of applicable tax and shipping • BIW continues to expand and refine our US and global reward offerings
  3. 3. BI WORLDWIDE GLOBAL EMPLOYEE ENGAGEMENT POINTS OF DIFFERENTIATION Award Value (Employees) • BIW delivers the most value for your employees, a more engaging online shopping experience, and a lower potential tax burden. • BIW awards are priced at or near retail pricing. Often our awards are priced below retail. − We compared our pricing with retail on our top 100 redeemed items. As illustrated below, items under $25 were actually 9.52% below retail on average. % Above / Below BIW Top Redeemed Items Compared to Retail 5.46% 6.00% 2.91% 4.00% 2.00% 0.00% -2.00% Up to $20.00 $20.01 - $25.00 $25.01 - $50.00 Retail Price -4.00% -6.00% $50.01 $100.00 -8.00% -10.00% -9.52% -9.25% • The tax burden related to tangible awards is significantly lower than cash or cash equivalent awards. Tangible awards are taxed at Fair Market Value (FMV), while cash/equivalent awards are taxed at 100% of the value. Cash / Cash Equivalent BIW Non-Cash Awards Taxable Not Taxable