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The new Azure App Service Architecture


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Session presented at Microsoft Developer TechRefresh 2015 in Lisbon - Portugal. A remake of the Build 2015 session, with updated contents and new demos.

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The new Azure App Service Architecture

  1. 1. Developer TECH REFRESH 15 Junho 2015 #pttechrefresh Azure App Service Architecture João Pedro Martins CTO @ |create|it| @lokijota
  2. 2. Mobile Services Key app services in Azure today Azure Websites BizTalk Services  Unique integrated offering  Build rich, engaging & intelligent apps  Scale as your business grows Introducing Azure App Service
  3. 3. One price
  4. 4. Pricing Note Cost per outbound bandwidth, first 5GB free (preview) (preview)
  5. 5. WEB APPS Full capability set available including: • .NET, Node.js, Java, PHP, and Python • WebJobs for long running tasks • Integrated VS publish, remote debug… • CI with GitHub, BitBucket, VSO • Auto-load balance, Autoscale, Geo DR • Virtual networking and hybrid connections • Site slots for staged deployments Web apps run as-is no changes required
  6. 6. New capabilities for Mobile apps: • Webjobs for long running tasks • CI with GitHub, BitBucket, VSO • Auto-load balance, Autoscale, Geo DR • Virtual networking and hybrid connections • Site slots for staged deployments Mobile services plus a whole lot more MOBILE APPS
  7. 7. New Logic Apps for easy automation • No code designer for rapid creation • Dozens of pre-built templates to get started • Out of box support for popular SaaS and on- premises apps • Use with custom API apps of your own • Biztalk APIs for expert integration scenarios • Orchestration of Microservices Automate SaaS and on-premises systems LOGIC APPS
  8. 8. Logic App – Web Visual Designer
  9. 9. Easily create and use cloud or custom APIs: • Dozens of built-in APIs for popular SaaS • An ecosystem of APIs for any need • Create and publish custom, reusable APIs • Visual Studio tooling with one click publish and remote debugging • Automatic client SDK generation for many languages • = Microservices Create, consume and host APIs more easily API APPS
  10. 10. • Box • Chatter • Delay • Dropbox • Azure HD Insight • Marketo • Azure Media Services • OneDrive • SharePoint • SQL Server • Office 365 • Oracle • QuickBooks • SalesForce • Sugar CRM • SAP • Azure Service Bus • Azure Storage • Timer / Recurrence • Twilio • Twitter • IBM DB2 • Informix • Websphere MQ • Azure Web Jobs • Yammer • Dynamics CRM • Dynamics AX • Hybrid Connectivity • HTTP, HTTPS • File • Flat File • FTP, SFTP • POP3/IMAP • SMTP • SOAP + WCF • Batching / Debatching • Validate • Extract (XPath) • Transform (+Mapper) • Convert (XML-JSON) • Convert (XML-FF) • X12 • EDIFACT • AS2 • TPMOM • Rules Engine Connectors Protocols BizTalk Services Built-in API Connectors
  11. 11. API APPS Easily build and consume APIs in the cloud WEB APPS Web apps that scale with your business LOGIC APPS Automate business process across SaaS and on-premises MOBILE APPS Build Mobile apps for any device Azure App Service
  12. 12. WEB APPS LOGIC APPS MOBILE APPS App Service Architecture API APPS
  13. 13. WEB APPS LOGIC APPS MOBILE APPS API APPS Site Mobile AppWorkflow Logic Dependent API’s
  14. 14. Demo API Apps Building your first API App
  15. 15. Demo Logic Apps Building your first Logic App
  16. 16. API Apps addresses key pains around building and consuming APIs Consume APIs Authentication, built-in to mobile and web SDKs SSO, handled by server SDK client generation API discovery Gallery – public & organization Build your API Web Apps++: Bring you API as-is in your language of choice Simple access control SSO Metadata contracts Microservice-style Expose enterprise APIs Easily package and publish
  17. 17. API Apps in the Future • Public Gallery (*) with Self-Service Publishing • Private/Organizational Gallery • Monetization • Automatic dependency deployment • Automatic Updates * • Better Azure API Management integration • Nota: Azure APIM != API Apps * already available for Microsoft-published APIs
  18. 18. Learning/CodingEffort Complexity of problem HACK ZONE (custom solutions) The world of enterprise integration
  19. 19. Microsoft Integration BizTalk ServicesBizTalk Server • Leader in integration on-premises • Handles mission critical workloads for hundreds of customers • Renowned brand • First version of BizTalk build ‘cloud-up’ • Already running mission critical workload for large customers Azure App Service • Includes BizTalk Services capabilities – evolved to benefit from App Service approach • Inherently extensible • More accessible to a broader audience, not just integration specialists • Takes BizTalk brand and capabilities forward +
  20. 20. References • Introducing the Azure API Apps Tools for Visual Studio 2013 - apps-tools-for-visual-studio-2013.aspx • What are API Apps? service-api-apps-why-best-platform/ • What are Logic Apps? service-logic-what-are-logic-apps/ • Sessões Build/Ignite 2015/Channel9: • Azure App Service Architecture 2-628 • Azure App Service API Apps with Scott Hunter • Azure App Service Logic Apps with Josh Twist • Running Web and Mobile Apps on Azure App Service2-633 • Running Enterprise Web and Mobile Apps on Azure App Service - BRK3715 • Azure API Apps for Web, Mobile and Logic Apps – 2-760 • Logic Apps – 2-707
  21. 21. Developing Microsoft Azure Solutions Windows Azure Web Sites - Deep Dive Jump Start Microsoft Virtual Academy
  22. 22. Try Azure for Free Download Visual Studio 2015 RC Download Visual Studio Code Preview
  23. 23. Developer TECH REFRESH Thank you Azure App Service Architecture João Pedro Martins CTO @ |create|it| @lokijota Obrigado!