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Connected Home for Connected People


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Results of a workshop at Google Zürich

Published in: Technology, Business
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Connected Home for Connected People

  1. 1. «Connected homes forconnected people» workshopBeyond Home Automation: Using Technology to Change What We Mean By HomeJanuary 24, 2012 Workshop partner, design agency :Zürich
  2. 2. 4 «innovation territories and paths» IP#2: Well-Tempered Presence IP#1: The Programmable, Domesticated Home IP#4: The Membrane IP#3: The 4D Window –« Another window on my world »
  3. 3. Components of the Connected Home Extra  digital  roomLocal  network Data  store Digital  s;ckerBuilding  wall OS  @  home Sync  dock Domes;c  storePhysical  &  digital  Propbox Rights  management  and  sharing Residents  public  space Technicians  network
  4. 4. WORKSHOP : MAIN STEPSGOAL OF THE WORKSHOP :> transforming the ”innovation paths” developed bythe FING into product / service offers> a dozen representatives from various companies worktogether to unite their various fields of expertises
  5. 5. Introduction
  6. 6. The participants split into 3groups to explore the followingthemes :- well tempered presence- programmable home- 4D window
  7. 7. Using inspiration cards,the groups start tobrainstorm…
  8. 8. …note down andshare their ideas…
  9. 9. Using the criteria card, each groupselects their 2 best project ideas…
  10. 10. …which they prototype using Legos !
  11. 11. Groups interchange tooutline the mainprojects’ feasibility
  12. 12. Each group presents its results…
  13. 13. Final conclusions by Google & FING
  14. 14. SELECTEDPROJECT 1The well-tempered presence : Social Scales
  15. 15. So cial Scales and easily manage our visibilityWhen at home, how can we ers , wit hin our var iou s How does it work ? our ava ilab ility fro m oth w were at home, who relationship circles? Who can kno ? How can I be notified Social Scales are can reach us there, and how smart boxes, conn bers are in or out of home? internet, at home. ected to the when other houshehold mem Th How can I also control the other flows that intend to profiles on social ese boxes have access to your a networks, on skyp services, physical mails, dat mobile phone. e, or to your enter our home: deliveries, ele ctro nic by our my riad pro duc ed and rec eiv ed devices…? Boxes include scal es and small cam can recognize an eras, so that they any identify objects pe l boxes, where you can put after they have be ople put in themSocial Scales are smart physica r availability en taught to do it. municate you Social boxes are kind of object in order to com to manage all able to « link » one object to on to your differe nt relationship circles, and circle of people. e person, or to a e is to make it easier to kinds of flows. Their purpos When an object is placed in the box you want to say youre def ine presence settings. When Social Scales upda or tes your status an removed from it, put an object representing available for someone, you and lets the person (s) represented by d your availability stands for one person, one him/her in a box. Each object the object know. ship circle. You want to use organization, or one relation Boxes can be purc e? Just teach the box what ha users, or provided sed and programmed by their a doll to represent your niec by vendors. Stores gine other kinds of actions the doll means. You can ima where consumers can provide boxes ge of possibilities is huge, place objects that related to presence: the ran r products they wish represent the itive. To order milk from you to order. The Post and all actions are very intu … smart PostBox that office can build a grocery store, just place a milk bottle into the right box parcels are expect knows whether ou tgoing mail or ing the postman… and l to manage your presence Social Scales are a great too APIs are available out going flows. You are the to imagine other more generally incoming and services, to bette kinds of uses and your visibility. r manage physica one who manage your relationships and flows. l and dematerializ ed Connections with the expedition Innovation Territory: "The Home as Hub" Innovation Paths: "The Well-Tempered Presence" Objets and Infrastructures: "Visibility Slider" / CondoNet
  16. 16. Design principles Tools – Hardware /Software - Each box is related to one set of presence/- Boxes, equipped with scales and cameras, visibility/availability/communications settings orconnected to the Internet actions in a specific place. It needs only to be- Apps to recognize any objects weight and programmed once (or comes pre-programmed)shape, and to link them with people, circles, -Each object is related to one specific person,actions and settings organization or circle- Apps to connect boxes with social networks and -The box/object matching must be extremelyother communication methods simple- APIs to invent other kinds of actions related topresence - The system needs to be secure and to take privacy very seriously Partners involved and wanted Business ModelGoogle: To connect the device with chat / social Boxes can be purchased standalone, asnetworks status ; Android apps; Google Goggles shape decoration, fun or functional objects.recognition. They can be sold as "peripherals" to servicesSeb: To prototype the boxes. such as social networks, Skype, etc., or toLa Poste: Delivery; pick up outgoing mail and high-end smartphones.parcels; deliver mail + check on an elderly person… They can be offered by merchants or serviceTelecom Operator: Connectivity and additional providers as activators for their services (homeservices. shopping, post delivery…)Toy manufacturer: To customize basic characters/objects. For Google, Social Scales can offer anotherRetailer: Automatic ordering and delivery of goods… possibility to know more about user habits, in order to offer more customized services
  17. 17. Use case Scenario« I have made three boxes, since I have decided to use Social scales. I calledthem On / Call / Want. For instance when Im back home, after work. Im notavailable anymore for my work relationships, so I remove the small charactersrepresenting my coworkers from the « On » box. I become available for my mumand my family, so I put my mums object (a lipstick) in the « On » box.If I want to call them, I put these objects in the « Call » box. I can still usemy keypad, but its very useful for my 2 years old daughter, who cant countyet! »« Another useful use of the boxes is when somethings lacking in my fridge. Forinstance, I can put an empty milk bottle in the « Want » box, and it tells boththe grocery store and my neighbours that I need milk. Thus, I can order it thatway, or one of my neighbours can be nice and give me one.Some of my neighours also use a « share » box ; they can put down stuff theyare ready to share with the other neighbours, like roller tape. »« There are lots of possibilities ; last week, I put both my grandmas and LaPostes objects in the « On » box ; as shes quite lonely, the postman went tosay hello to her, while delivering her mails ! »
  18. 18. Project’s illustration
  19. 19. Additionnal ideasProximity of objects is meaningfulWhen two objects are close, they can get new meanings ; whatsimportant is the tangibility of communications.When we put a teddybear next to a lipstick, it could mean that a childwants to call his mum.The importance of symbolic representationsWhen I put down my keys (which are a transitional object) somewhere, itmeans Im home, so Im not available for my work relationshipsanymore, but for my family its ok ; we can imagine they areautomatically notified when I drop my keys. Symbolic representation isan important idea when its about dealing with dematerialized flows.Theme rooms- Different availability and visibility settings for every room.- For instance in the bathroom, Im invisible for everybody except myfamily, whereas in the living room, Im can receive my work calls, myneighbours calls and so on.
  20. 20. Additionnal ideasAvailability wallPrevious actions can mean something new for our close relationships :its not « Im here » which is important, but « How I am here ». Ourrespective presences can be like a family barometer : when two membersof the household are stuck in the trafic jams, and then turn off theirphone after work, it means this is a bad time to call the family...It can contributes to draw/build a time mapping of activities, which is anew way to deal with presence.Geo-based sharingThanks to sensors (sensor stickers), we can get a set of data, useful tobuild a mapping of my activity. My relationships can be notified Im homebecause there is a sensor on the door, that Im not available anymorewhen Im in the shower thanks to another sensor, etc.Learning Home : teaching the home our habits1 sensor + patterns = 1 actionThe first time we do something, the home observes ; the second time, itstarts to learn, it keeps learning the third time, the fourth time, I dontdo anything, the home offers to do it for me. This learning home can beused for presence issues.
  21. 21. SELECTEDPROJECT 2The programmable home : Bread assistant
  22. 22. Bread Assistant How does it work?Making very good or fancy bread with a breadmachine is not so easy. There are various kinds The bread machine comes with a public APIof flour, leaven, salt… Unfortunately, most of which can be programmed by both users andthe machines sold on the market are not manufacturers. It has several plugged sensors,“really” programmable. Only a few settings can which connected to a smartphone make itbe chosen by the end user. Additionally, the possible to follow the breads cooking from arecipes provided with the machine are usually distance. The machine is connected to itspretty basic. On the Internet, there are hundred manufacturer for uploading premium recipes.of collaborative web sites dedicated to bread Additionnaly, baker community websites letmachines and how to make numerous kind of bread machine users download recipes, somebreads, buns or cakes. Users ask questions, for free, some for a fee.share recipes and tips according to their type ofmachines, and ingredients. Some havedeveloped such a level of experience that theycan be considered bread machine process“proAms”. The goal of the project is to let allowbread machine owners to easily use the Connections with the expeditioncollective intelligence of the community through This project follows Innovation Path #1 ofsimple script files that can be downloaded into « Connected Homes for Connected People »:a new kind of programmable bread machine. "The Programmable, Domesticated Home".The machine is able to easily downloadconfiguration files based on ingredients, the It emphasizes the programmability of hometype of wheat, expected results … appliances and equipments, user control, as well as the construction of user communities.
  23. 23. Tools – Hardware / Software Design PrinciplesBread machine Not intrusiveSensors and camera An assistant, not a gadgetPublic API Community “system”Bread maker community website(s) Professional resultQR code A marketplace for recipes (most for free, not all)Smartphone or tablet (used as interface and scanner) Partners Involved and Wanted Business Model Mostly based on sales of new programmable bradGoogle: prototype a community website and the machines, upgrades and possibly ingredientspublic API (Nespresso model?)Seb: prototype the machine Collective intelligence for recipes, + "professional"Sensetale: connect sensors to machines recipes given or sold by manufacturers or ingredients shops.
  24. 24. Use case ScenarioBefore leaving for work, Claire scans her flour packaging with her smartphone andget access to a list of recipes proposed by the bread-making community. Shechooses one of them, mixes the different ingredients, places the dough in thebread machine and activates the distance control system.At 5pm, from her desk office, she uploads the special programme according to therecipe she has chosen, and sends it to her bread machine. The machine reads thescript, adjusts the cooking time and begins the preparation. Claire can see herbread baking from her tablet as well as read several other parameters: hermachine is equipped with heat, humidity and smell sensors, and a small camera.When she gets back home, the bread is hot and ready to be eaten.The following week, Pascal wants to cook a bread recipe like a professional. Helogs on to the manufacturer website with his machines serial number in order toget access to the premium recipes, specially written for the brands machines. It’sa high quality service. Pascal can watch videos or even talk to a professional bakerif he wants to improve his results.
  25. 25. Additional IdeasDigital Maid- Various sensors are spread through the home to capture movements,signals, activities… and send reports to the resident, via her phone. Thedevice “listens” and “observes” the house and its uses.- Scenario: I’m starting a recipe that I read on my tablet. It’s actuallyprojected on TV screen too / the cooking time is adjusted according to mypreferences and guests (from calendars, contact, social network...) andfrom pictures (figures out weight and freshness) / the phone listens tosounds to detect when baking starts or finishes...Smart OvenThe oven is connected to the manufacturer that provides it with premiumfunctions, in order to facilitate general use and enhance user experience.A community publishes tools, advice and digital scripts to help amateurcooks produce excellent meals.
  26. 26. Additional IdeasHelp StoreHalf domestic store, half technicians network, this store helps residents intheir everyday life, offering several applications and both hardware andsoftware widgets . It’s a kind of peer-to-peer service, promoting localinteraction, production, distribution, and networking... Various skills, data,contents, scripts, etc. can be exchanged.Home Automation EcosystemDefine a logical standard for hardware objects to send end receiveactions/status in an interoperable way, via TCP/IP, which can beimplemented cheaply over various low cost networks (ethernet, wifi,zigbee …)Applets and apps are available for download in a complete ecosystem.Geeks can program the system themselves, while mass consumers justuse it. Professional installers can also add value.
  27. 27. SELECTEDPROJECT 34D Window : Tack-Tiles (new window on theworld, other planes of reality)
  28. 28. Tack-Tiles ld, other pla nes of realityN ew window on the wor How does it work ? ey give d purposes. Th seve ral meanings an pse, theyWindows have tside. At a glim Tack-Tiles are small physical widgets ey offe r us a view ou e time ("phydgets")natural light, th ther, traffic, th that display information flows in simple formatio n about the wea ors text, imageconvey basic in what our neighb or graphic forms. playing in the courtyard,of day, the kidsare about… gital Physically, they are an ultrathin (ideally flexible and the wealth of di cut-to-shape), low-energy screen, with nds of win dows could use r kinds of a renewable What if new ki to convey othe energy source, a basic networking dev w e have access mediately mee t ice and basic data to which that do not im intelligence to run a simple data collecti d feelings, ones e way? on and information an and unobtrusiv display program. the eye, in a similarly light her ick peep into ot small portho les offering a qu , cam views One tile typically displays only one type of Tack-Tiles are aps and alerts information. Although one could buy by re ality: traffic m eather data, unprogrammed planes of near ed vehicles, w tiles and either write a script or downloa , avai lability of shar nds and relative s, the d an app of other places of (willing) frie before burning it into its chip, most tiles will probably e location local events, th come pre-programmed. Some will be purchased by , etc. family calendar gies, consumers, some will be offered by reta ilers, service ication technolo providers, or as add-ons to home dev t disp lay and commun looking through the ices. Using lightweigh e wholly new ways of walls we can now imagin ed through the w things that can be view Tiles can come in different shapes and sizes. They window, and ne can be stuck on walls and doors, laid or stood up on of our home. tables, hung on coat-pegs, etc. A typi cal home could have 5 to 10 tiles displaying different content in different places. Tack-tiles are linked to the local netw ork. They are always on, publicly visible, but not intr usive. Connexion with the Expedition Tack-Tiles are an incarnation of the "4D Window" Innovation Path that emerged from the CH4CP expedition.
  29. 29. Tools – Hardware / Software Design PrinciplesTiles:-­‐ePaper  of  flexible  OLED  screen Small,  low-­‐  or  zero-­‐energy,  zero  maintenance-­‐A  transparent  solar  panel  layer Unintrosive:  no  noise,  no  glare,  calm  displays-­‐Flexible  baIeries Several  shapes  and  sizes-­‐Basic  chip  for  handling  informa;on  gathering  and  display Usually,  no  interac;on  required-­‐A  simple,  low-­‐energy  network  connec;on  (Zigbee?) Very  low  cost;  dump  (and  recycle!)  rather  than  reprogram-­‐Possibly  (but  usually  not  necessary)  a  touch-­‐screen  layerApplica+ons:-­‐Can  be  burnt  into  the  chip-­‐Or  downloaded  as  apps  and  burnt-­‐An  SDK  is  provided  for  those  who  want  to  program  their  own  apps Partners involved and wanted Business Model -­‐  CEA  :  Flexible  OLEDS  /  Transparent  solar  panels  /  Flexible   Direct  purchase  (sell  soTware  via  hardware) baIeries Ad-­‐supported    /  "Goodies" -­‐  Google  :  Widgets  /  Calendar  /  Android  Apps  /  Finance,  Energy   Addi;onal  feature  when  one  buys  an  appliance  (deported   consump;on  data…   screen),  a  transport  card,  a  zigbee  network,  a  restaurant  guide,  a   -­‐  SEB  :  Tiles  on  home  appliances,  or  related  to  them local  transport  card… -­‐Alcatel  Lucent  :  Gateway  to  the  internet  via  set-­‐top  boxes   Sell  with  an  apartment,  with  an  expensive  device,  with  an   (zigbee) electricity  subscrip;on,  etc. -­‐An  ecosystem  of  providers  interested  in  having  a  specialized   Apps  market… display  aIached  to  their  objects  or  services
  30. 30. Use case ScenarioWhen the moved in to their new flat, Pascal, Claire and theirs 3 kids found 3Tack-Tiles: One that displayed car traffic, one for the weather and one (whichthey quickly dumped) showing the location of members of the family.They were also given a tile with their travelcard, showing the time of arrivalof the buses at the nearest stations. The grocery store also has one for itsspecial offers, but that one didnt make it to a house wall.Pascal and Claire positioned a few tiles next to the flats door. When they’reabout to go out, they have a look at the weather forecast, traffic conditions,air quality, their main medical or administrative appointments. The "local news"is conveniently located in the loo, while "social" maps of the area displaying thelocation of friends and relatives, or local events, are accessible near the TV.Emma, the youngest daughter, caught up to Tack-Tiles. She purchased anassortment of fancy-looking, programmable tiles to which she attachedpremade or original programs: Post-It and Calendar tiles for the fridge door,or Celebrity alerts for her best friends birthday.
  31. 31. Additional Ideas« Telescope / Timescope machine »This telescope transforms your phone into a window to remote places: now, in the past, or inthe future. The user can choose the view (2D / 3D), what she sees, and the time period (now,future, past). She can then "travel" to the selected place/time, looking at it from above (maps,3D views), from street level, and displaying additional data on top of the places view. Thephone becomes a mix between a window, a telescope, a time-machine and a teleporter. It canhelp us navigate, prepare for a meeting, plan for an evening by selecting the right places to go,check on an event, etc.« Connected art »This new kind of window/wallpaper offers artistic renderings to convey different kinds offeelings. Combined with ambient lighting, it could take different shapes or patterns.« Augmented Window »Additional data, information content and interaction displayed on actual glass windows, usingprojection or innovative material such as presented by Corning or Samsung. Any glass surfacecan, when the resident chooses it, turn into a computer screen. The data may or may not berelated to what can actually be seen through the glass. By looking at the sky, one could get theweather, at the street, traffic and public transportation data, at the store, special offers…« Stimmung screen »A fuzzy display (screensaver, projection on rough surfaces or water…) provides a feeling aboutwhat happens outside: busy/calm, hot/cold, slow/fast, happy/angry, silent/noisy, dense/scattered. You choose indicators (resolution, diameter) and sources, and the display does therest…