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Engineering at Slido



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How does software development work at Slido?
Learn more about our product principles, teams, tools, and programming languages we use. | Slido is a technology company that enhances communication and increases interaction at +20,000 events and meetings weekly. We are building a world-class product and we are constantly working on improvements, new features, and integrations. Slido offers a healthy environment for self-realization and learning. Everyone has a chance to shape Slido’s.

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Engineering at Slido

  1. 1. Engineering at Slido
  2. 2. What we do Slido is a technology company that enhances communication and increases interaction at +20,000 events and meetings weekly. We are building a world-class product and we are constantly working on improvements, new features and integrations. Slido offers an healthy environment for self-realization and learning. Everyone has a chance to shape Slido’s product roadmap. Bring your ideas to the table! Interested to learn more about our Engineering teams? Check out our Dev Blog and Keep reading...
  3. 3. Engineering Team Goal What do we strive for? Discover & deliver & maintain the right product features with quality & security that our customers require and at the same time learn and develop our skills & habits in order to improve and adapt over the time. “Make customers happy, engineering energized and helpdesk calm”
  4. 4. Our product teams ACTIVITIES: User research, Source ideas, Experiment (Discovery) -> Design, Implement, Test, Release, Maintain (Delivery) -> Evaluate results, Validate Leaning (Feedback) Languages: HTML+SCSS, Angular, React, Node.js, MySQL, SQL, TypeScript, Cordova, AWS, .NET Frameworks: Bitbucket, Slack, Jira,, Sentry, Exponea, JetBrains, Superset, SonarQube, New Relic, Snyk CORE FEATURES Innovate and improve core features of Slido (Polls/Questions) PRESENTER EXPERIENCE Deliver great presenter experience via integrations with top presenter’s tools and smooth & professional polls INTEGRATIONS Enhance video-conferencing tools with smooth Polling and Q&A experience ENTERPRISE CUSTOMERS Investigate pains, make Slido easy manageable for enterprise customers INTELLIGENT INSIGHTS Make sure that Slido brings long term value to meeting organizers
  5. 5. Our platform teams API Core Make sure that backend works & performs well, is maintainable, extendable, scalable & secure PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES:: Node.js, MySQL/Aurora, Redis, TypeScript, AWS FRAMEWORKS: Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, New Relic, SonarQube, KPIs: Apdex, Response time, Throughput Number of bugs, Error rate ACTIVITIES: Optimization & bigger code clean-ups Monitoring & scaling performance Keeping core API bugs free DevOps Make sure that Slido infrastructure works & performs well and enable development PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES:: AWS FRAMEWORKS: Terraform, Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, New Relic, PagerDuty, ELK, Prometheus, Grafana KPIs: Uptime, Optimal performance, Throughput Number of SEV-1 incidents, MTTR ACTIVITIES: Monitoring & maintaining Infrastructure development Automation Data/R&D Enable other teams by developing internal tools, integrations, work automation and explore new approaches to difficult problems leveraging data (maybe even) science PROGRAMMING LANGUAGES: PHP, Python, R, MySQL, VueJs, Laravel, TypeScript, AWS FRAMEWORKS: Bitbucket, Slack, Jira, Tableau, Superset, Airflow ACTIVITIES: Data warehouse management (aggregation/transformation/distribution) 3rd-party services integration Introduce new features & ideas powered by data
  6. 6. Why join Slido? 1. Make global impact at big scale 2. Code & learn & apply & share & iterate 3. Take ownership & responsibility 4. Regular offsites and team fun events 5. Flexibility 6. Release daily 7. Participate in top global tech conferences
  7. 7. Our Core Product Principles 1. Participant is the king 2. The purpose of Slido is to enable a great meeting 3. The magic of Slido is in enhancing the live interaction 4. Technology has to become invisible to be truly effective 5. Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication 6. During a meeting, Slido either works or not. There is no 2nd chance. 7. Ruthlessly prioritize the silent majority (90%) over the vocal minority (10%) 8. For every new feature (item), we should aim to remove one 9. Use familiar design / language
  8. 8. Lean and Agile principles we follow ● Empowered, cross-functional, cross-module, feature-oriented product teams (from idea to production) ● System awareness & visibility of the value flow (stand-ups, demos, agile planning, scrum/kanban boards) ● Continuous improvement & learning (retros, pre/post-mortems, tech talks, conferences, books, meetups, blogs) ● Technical excellence, clean design & simplicity (code reviews, handy tools, best practices & patterns, usability tests) ● Continuous product discovery & delivery (vision, experiments, prototypes, user research & automation everywhere) ● Open culture based on trust, feedback, courage and ownership = sustainable development
  9. 9. Impact at Slido
  10. 10. Who are our customers (just to mention a few…)
  11. 11. Growth at Slido 1. 1M+ successful events and meetings 2. 7M+ participants monthly 3. 2M+ questions asked
  12. 12. Slido internal hackathons Slido itself was born out of a hackathon and ever since our beginnings they have become an important part of our culture and an event that we all look for! How does it work? ● Bi-annual event where different teams come together to pitch, design and prototype ideas for new features and developments ● Many past ideas made it to production ● Examples of projects: Custom App Theme, Spotify integration (vote for songs and play them), Voice controlled Slido
  13. 13. Our accomplishments 2017 Best Event Technology, Eventex Events Tech of The Year, PPA Connect Awards 2016 Best Conference Industry Supplier, Conference Awards 2014 Best Tool, FRESH Best Event Technology, Eventex 2013 Best New Event Tech Startup, Event Technology Awards Events Industry Supplier of the Year, PPA Connect Award 2015 2019 Best Ongoing Commitment to Internal Communication (Internal Communications and Engagement Awards) 2018 Deloitte Technology Fast 50 Central Europe 2020 Best Event, ICE Awards
  14. 14. Want to know more? ● Find out more about our values & beliefs: Slido Culture Code ● Read our Slido Developers blog ● Learn more about our Way of work
  15. 15. Join us today!