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Building Brand Communities


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Building Brand Communities: Using Online Tools to Nurture Your Community. Understanding Brand Community characteristics and the characteristics of your community members. With case studies of Jones Soda, Duck Brand Duct Tape, and Harley-Davidson.

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Building Brand Communities

  1. Building Brand Communities Using online tools to nurture your community
  2. Building Brand Communities
  3. Brand Community characteristics characteristics of community members Understand how to build a Brand Community
  4. Characteristics of a Brand Community: Consciousness of a Kind Shared Rituals and Traditions Moral Responsibility
  5. Consciousness of a Kind
  6. Characteristics of Community Members:
  7. Using the Internet as a catalyst for building and nurturing Brand Communities
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  29. Tools and Philosophies for building and nurturing connectors, mavens, and salesmen
  30. Identifying Mavens
  31. Identifying Mavens
  32. • Message Boards User • Blogs Behaviour • Articles • Reviews • And more
  33. • Popularity of each user’s content User through unique and repeat page views Connections • Sharing of each user’s content from one user to another • Internal and external links to user content • Value of each user’s content through peer ratings
  34. User CharacteristicsaReports Consciousness of Kind 120 Points Connector 15 Points Maven Salesmen 50 Points Joyce Toronto ON
  35. Download community building resources from our news section at Sign up at