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Team "C" Organizational Plan Roles & Responsibilities

Team C,
Organizational Plan and Responsibilities

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Team "C" Organizational Plan Roles & Responsibilities

  1. 1. Overview The purpose of this plan is to present a proposal to plan, develop, and operate a Learning Management System (LMS) for a fictional organization. The Design & Development team will begin by developing a blueprint using a highly detailed process. The Instructional Design & Development Plan will consist of an organizational chart, technology plan, media from the purposed LMS, handbook, and the roles & responsibilities for each member on the team. In addition, this plan will evaluate the infrastructure, technology, tools, and manpower needed to administer the LMS system.
  2. 2. Organizational Chart Project Manager Training Manager Instructional Designer Technical Writer Media Developer
  3. 3. Organizational Position Justification Project Manager The project manager is essential to the overall success of the project. The Project Manager ensure the goals and deadlines are being met and team woks together in concert. Training Manager is vital to the project. The training manager help determine program cost and helps the project manager by ensuring the project does not exceed the budget and makes a concerted effort to reduce cost wherever available. Instructional Designer The instructional designer position is need to make certain projects that the needs of the learner is being met. IDs know how people learn and have ideas on how to help them learn better. Technical Writer The technical writer will communicate complex information for assigned task and goals ensuring project aligns with the projected output. Media Designer The media designer is required to integrated media into the LMS to communicate messages, information, and entertainment through video games, movies, special effects, or 3-D animation.
  4. 4. Roles and Responsibilities Project Manager The project manager is the leader of the group who is responsible for directing the project’s timeline, resources, and manpower. According to the Project Management Body of Knowledge (PMBOK Guide), a project manager applies the tools, skills, knowledge, and techniques to project activities to meet project requirements (Project Management Institute, 2008). Similarly, a project manager within a instructional design environment would require additional technical and education industry related skills, in addition to leadership, interpersonal communication, team building, decision making, negotiation, and time management (Williams van Rooij, 2013). Training Manager The responsibilities and role of a training manager include, planning, organizing, communicating, controlling, directing, and reviewing. The training manager in this scenario would be responsible for developing the faculty training course for “teaching in Desire2Learn” as well as, working with the instructional designer to identify key information and frequently asked questions for the development of an online LMS knowledge base. Consistent with Davies (2007), a training manager fulfills a central role within an organization, ensuring that staff are adequately trained not only to do their current role but to be able to anticipate, respond and even initiate changes in the future development of your organization. Instructional Designer When implementing a new LMS into a online learning environment, the instructional designer would be responsible for learning management system administration, the creation and deployment of learning objects, working with subject matter experts to design course content, evaluation of the learning environment, and supporting the technical aspects of the project. Some of the essential competencies of an instructional designer incorporate, visual communication, applied research and learning theories, technical and analytic skills, knowledge of regulatory and organization guidelines and policy, and a mastery of planning and analysis for education design and development (Koszalka, Grabowski, Wallington, Senior, Russ-Eft, and Reiser (2013). Technical Writer Charges of this role comprise of researching, gathering, and analyzing information to develop job aids, technical manuals, tutorials, and business documents. The technical writer would be responsible for analyzing the needs of the audience, designing the layout and structure of the document, copywriting and editing, and publishing training materials in print or online (Technical Writer, 2004). In addition, the technical writer would be responsible for taking difficult concepts regarding the Desire2Learn LMS and translating them into an easy to understand format for delivery to faculty and students. Media Designer The media designer will be responsible for creating graphics, banners, videos (MP4, MOV, Flash), podcast, animations, video editing, and interactive learning objects in collaboration with the instructional designer. The media designer will also assist in uploading and converting media into formats that are compliant with the Desire2Learn learning management system (LMS) as well as, have knowledge of html, jQuery, JavaScript, and SCORM compliant objects.
  5. 5. Salaries Project Manager The median salary for a Project Manager is $94,564 annually (, 2014). Training Manager A Training Manager’s median annual salary is $90,560 (, 2014). Instructional Designer An Instructional Designer with mid level skills earns a median annual salary of $61,837 (, 2014). Technical Writer An intermediate level Technical Writer earns a median annual salary of $59,831 (, 2014). Media Designer According to (2014), a Media Designer salary ranges from $41,000 to $70,000 based on experience and skill level.
  6. 6. Equipment Requirement The system requirements for our organization can be divided into to categories, external and internal. The external requirements and resources will include the Desire2Learn Core Hosting Infrastructure Team, including senior level Windows, storage, network, security, and database administrators, manages security and performance for Insights (Desire2Learn, 2014). The equipment requirements would include: Production Location • Storage Area Network • Files and Database Servers (Clustered) • Web App Servers Integrity and Security Services • Intrusion Detection • Monitoring/Logging • Enterprise Backup Disaster Recovery Location (offsite) • Storage Area Network • Files and Database Servers (Clustered) • Web App Servers
  7. 7. Equipment Requirement Continued The internal equipment requirements are instructional design and media tools required for the design and LMS implementation team, which include: • 2- Apple IMac, 27-inch: 3.4GHz quad-core Intel Core i5 • Adobe Captivate 8 • TechSmith Camtasia (Mac) • SoftChalk 9 • Adobe Creative Suite CC • Final Cut Pro X • HD Digital Camera/Camcorder • 3-Dell OptiPlex 7010 Desktop CPU • 3-17’’ Dell monitors • Microsoft Office Suite • Adobe Acrobat Pro
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