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Startup camp berlin 2012


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Startup camp berlin 2012

  1. 1. Gamification 4 Fun & Profit* Part 1: #DesignThinking*all content ripped of by either george kembel, scott adams, roger martin or myself.
  2. 2. presenting the design thinking card game based on 1000 blank white cards**yes, that is a real game. go ahead and google it. and no, they aren‘t all blank.
  3. 3. by and**now known as the first guy to have footnotes with asterisks on his first slides.
  4. 4. Game Mechanics* Theory + Application of Design Thinking*yes, this is a GAME. you will learn basic dt, but mostly, it is meant to be FUN. so enjoy!
  5. 5. Shifting Modes of Thinking
  6. 6. Shifting Fields of View
  7. 7. Rules# 1 - the game has a number of rounds, each round is called an iteration# 2 - each round consists of 5 steps# 3 - each step, you play the card you have for this step & follow the instructions on the card# 4 - you get points for filling blank white cards to create a result. each result is worth 10 points# 5 - first team to hit 1000 result points wins
  8. 8. game round: 0. 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. DRAW TEAM CARDSteam Discover Define Ideate Experiment Evolvecards method cards blank cards
  9. 9. team & method cardsTEAM discover define ideate experiment evolveCARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS 1. 3. 5. 2. 4. Discover Ideate Evolve Define Experiment
  10. 10. team cards DESIGN THINKING requires you to work in a team. For this game, you need to draw a team role card. Each role has both advantages and disadvantages so try to create a balanced group and work with each other to build on your strengths. The numbers on Your team card influence the numbers on method cards. every team member starts with 2 method cards of each type. The checklist The nerdy The funky The frustrated ECONOMIST CODER DESIGNER ETHNOGRAPHER12 cards based on „10 faces of innovation“
  11. 11. team card +1 method card at start +1 resources +1 progress +1 blank card in 1st -1 define round -1 ideate - 1 on your The checklist define card ECONOMIST - 1 on your You simply excel at checklists Ideate card and all project management skills. What the team needs, you can provide! Awesome! Alas, you are also a bit of a time tyrant. You frequently whip the others through the process. good for the schedule Team but bad for fun and creativity. Cards shame on you!
  12. 12. 1. DESIGN THINKING uses techniques from various disciplines. in the discover step of the game, we use methods by anthropologists, sociologists, designers and ethnologists. most of these will require you to get off your desk and interactDiscover with people. ... Cultural User User probe observation interview 12 cards based on „ideo method cards“
  13. 13. needs +3 Cultural get 3 blank white cards Probe to figure out needs Cultural probes are fun! mostly because they seem like less work for management and excite your team. they are also powerful. draw 3 blank cards. HOW THE METHOD WORKS IRL: pick a bag, ask users to throw stuff in that relates to the task at hand. collect the bag after adiscover day and analyze the contents. Cards hint: the bag can be a camera, too.
  14. 14. 2. DESIGN THINKING uses a knowledge funnel to define the problem at hand and to figure out the right questions. the needs discovered in step 1 are interesting, but one has to interpret them to come up with insights. this is whereDefine synthesis frameworks kick in. ... storyboard persona stakeholder map 12 cards based on „ideo method cards“
  15. 15. insight +3 Persona Personas are fictional users. pretty handy if real ones don‘t hang out during the process. Draw 3 cards how the method works irl: gather insights generated from user interviews & observations. what did you learn? what kind of patterns in needs, goals anddefine behaviours did you find? takeCards them and create a person with age, job, hobbies, dreams, quotes…
  16. 16. 3. DESIGN THINKING uses a range of well known ideation techniques collectively described as ‚being a creative type‘ by management. Seriously though, there is no formula for coming up with ideas, just a few tricks, lots of tenacityIdeate and sheer luck. really, coming up with a good idea is just a numbers game. most of what you come up with, will be crap. yes, i said crap on a public presentation. whoops. again. oh, crap… note: try to come up with ideates, not ideas. zwicky box bodystorming What if? 12 cards based on „stuff i stole off the web“ aka wikipedia
  17. 17. ideas +2 great at producing results but very time consuming. Zwicky a lot can happen in Box the end… A Zwicky Box is a truly horrible construction – ever see the cube? use it to morph variations of ideas. HOW TO: create an NxN matrix of attributes and types for a product range. for „writing“ this could be pen, marker, pencil, etc. and color, material, shape etc. with each cellideate containing an array of its own, i.e.CARDS red, yellow, blue etc. for colors. now randomly combine the cells.
  18. 18. 4. DESIGN THINKING is about experimentation in various forms. when you come up with an idea, don‘t just tell people or write about it, but try to create something that symbolizes your idea and can be ideated by others. some may call this prototyping or visualization, but really, it is just your good ol‘ experiment and tell. just getExperiment your ideas out. fast. good enough is perfect! dark horse prototype 12 cards based on „st. gallen design thinking cards“
  19. 19. prototype +1 or take some cards a method card let you choose Dark Yes… that‘s the Horse real term. google it. A Dark Horse prototype is not an object created by the dt agency of the same name and not a comic either. +1 blank OR method card. HOW TO: Take all the assumptions you have about your product. Now reverse them. Got a new feature list? good …now build THAT! Helps you breakexperiment your line of thinking and gain new CARDS insights. may even deliver results.
  20. 20. 5. DESIGN THINKERS are impulsive, driven egomaniacs. uh, i mean, they have a ‚bias towards action‘ which is basically the same thing. they are yesterdays add kids with a pinch of ocd. once you have your idea, you need to iterate, iterate and then some more. justEvolve work on it until perfection. or until you run out of resources. you will hit obstacles but also be lucky along the way. learn to deal with both without stopping the whole process. keep calm & carry on. blablabalabla pointy haired clueless hackd by users boss consultant 12 cards based on „real pain-in-the-ass world ideate“
  21. 21. modify result +/- 5 blablabalabla result points Head - Tail + coin flip To find out Pointy Haired Boss Pointy Haired Bosses can be both just follow a menace and a boon to a project. instructions on the one hand, they don‘t get what you are doing. on the other hand… they don‘t get what you are doing. Keep the card. It‘s +/- 5 points. IN REAL LIFE: sometimes, managersevolve won‘t unterstand your processCARDS and it‘s up to their interpretation so figure out if thats the case.
  22. 22. TEAM discover define ideate experiment evolveCARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS
  23. 23. blank, white cards… aka „results“ EACH CARD this can be IS 10 RESULT Whatever POINTS: ONLY VALID The hell IF A CARD HAS BOTH A You want it DRAWING To be… AND A DESCRIPTIO N!!! Just draw + describe something
  24. 24. example filled white card YAY! WE HAVE 10 POINTS… …990 to go. sigh. user insight: young women need to ideate a piece of clothing and prefer to buy offline
  25. 25. Design ChallengeHow might we help entrepreneurs to find their ideal co-founders?
  26. 26. Had fun? No? Well… #scb12 #feedback @sniggythanks for playing. next game: scrum!
  27. 27. TEAM 12 12 12 12 12CARDS discover define ideate experiment evolve CARDS CARDS CARDS CARDS CARDSBoni / mali Each method card has a discover of 1 to evolve cardsFor steps 3, enabling players to draw 1 to 3 blank change cards, each of which is worth 10 points. first teams, add team to reach 1000 points wins. or substract methods, re card discovers for each step: 2x3, 4x2, 6x1 sults, blanks … there are 100 total blank white cards Basically, th ey are wild cards