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IBM Connections vs. Office 365 - Episode II

A presentation that described advantages of IBM Connections over Office 365

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IBM Connections vs. Office 365 - Episode II

  1. 1. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 IBM Connections vs. O365 Episode II Jan Valdman, Whitesoft @jan_valdman
  3. 3. Remarks The opinions in this deck are my own and do not necessarily reflect or equal to any opinions of Whitesoft or IBM. All information about O365 and Sharepoint is based on my own end-user experience. All conclusions are based on my personal experience using common, regular environments and accounts, both product are considered to be in the “out-of-box” configuration. I am not an expert on O365. Cloud offerings change very quickly so the information might be outdated when you read it. Screenshots taken in June 2016. This deck does not compare the products completely but only from a social collaboration perspective. The information is provided “as-is”. I can not guarantee that the information in this deck is precise, complete, correct and otherwise valid. I believe that you find this comparison true and useful however I can not accept responsibility for any of your future decisions. If you do not like this policy, do not read further. Copyright information
  4. 4. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 The story of this presentation
  5. 5. Episode I • Boston – Athens – Stuttgart – Prague • 3600+ people viewed at SlideShare • 600+ people viewed at YouTube • So the topic is hot… but I want to remake it in a better way
  6. 6. Features & functions comparison does not work
  7. 7. Introduction • There are good stuff and bad stuff in Microsoft Office 365 • In this deck you will learn why IBM Connections is better than O365 • O365 is not social
  8. 8. What does SOCIAL mean? “Social” is… … to be in touch with colleagues, to communicate, to collaborate, to share ideas in order to get my work done faster and better
  9. 9. That means • How people get updated what’s happening and stay focused • To understand relationships between people • To collaborate efficiently on files • To share experience • To engage young employees • How to enhance internal communication • …
  10. 10. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 What I’ve learned
  11. 11. What companies do and say • Companies having (!) O365 buy IBM Connections • “we could do the same using OneDrive, SharePoint, Yammer and … but we like that in Connections everything is at a single place”
  12. 12. What companies do and say • A know an IT company who sells and implements SharePoint that decided for Connections for internal use • “well, we sell Sharepoint but I’d never implement it for our company. It is far too complex”
  13. 13. Voice of the market • Czech CIO Magazine 6/2015 • Infoworld Review: Office 365 fails at collaboration Source fails-at-collaboration.html
  14. 14. What analysts say • “While many organizations have moved to O365, the primary reason for doing so was to embrace Exchange Online” • Michael Sampson, in his latest book
  15. 15. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Why customers love IBM Connections?
  16. 16. How IBM Connections works
  17. 17. Everything at one place
  18. 18. Everything at one place
  19. 19. Everything at one place Files U P D A T E S Your network Blogs Forums Wikis Communities Activities ……
  20. 20. A file can be shared/linked everywhere
  21. 21. A file can be shared/linked everywhere • In community • In a blog • In a wiki • In a status update • In a forum
  22. 22. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Pain points in O365
  23. 23. I have never heard… • We are more innovative because of O365 • O365 connects people within our enterprise • Our users love 0365 (such a poor life I live)
  24. 24. On the other hand, I have heard • O365 is complex • The tools are not integrated • Why we should use several separated tools to achieve this or that?
  25. 25. This is what O365 users see after sign in
  26. 26. Can you imagine Connections like this? Install desktop client for IBM Connections. Got a Mac? Sign in to IBM Connections on your Mac to install. Smartphone or tablet? Get IBM Connections on your devices. Collaborate with IBM Connections Hi, Jan. Home Profiles Communities Files Activities Wikis Blogs Forums Bookmarks Metrics Updates
  27. 27. Does it sound familiar? • Until now, most PC software was designed for individuals using individual PCs. But today, more and more people are working in teams on networked PCs that require a new kind of software. Software that lets them quickly share ideas and information no matter where, when or how they work.
  28. 28. Does it sound familiar? • Lotus Notes add from 1991 (!) • Is Microsoft 25 years behind? Source
  29. 29. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Reason #1 - Complexity
  30. 30. Complexity is the show stopper • Which tool to use? • How to fit everything together. • Inconsistent GUI and user experience • SharePoint complexity
  31. 31. What O365 users need
  32. 32. What O365 users might use (if trained)
  33. 33. … and what O365 users get
  34. 34. Example: files in Yammer
  35. 35. … files in OneDrive…
  36. 36. … files in in SharePoint
  37. 37. In general • Files are stowed in multiple silos • Overlapping functionalities, inconsistent UX • No social capabilities • Therefore they need Delve and OfficeGraph technology to stich everything together
  38. 38. When to use what in O365 • Seriously meant WP • 75 pages
  39. 39. When to use what in O365…
  40. 40. Compare to IBM Connections Scenarios One location for each task, all totally integrated FindingSomeone With A Certain Expertise IBM Connections Search Ask Something, Don’t KnowWhomTo Ask IBM Connections Status Updates DoA Brainstorming ActivityWith MyTeam IBM Connections Community Ideation Where Should Meeting Notes Be Captured, Stored & Shared? IBM Connections Files Where Should I ShareVideo? IBM Connections Files Where Should I Share Photos? IBM Connections Files Have A RealTime Chat with a Colleague IBM Connections Chat Where Should I Put and Share Documents? IBM Connections Files Have AQuestion RelatedTo A Document? IBM Connections Files (comments) Invite A ColleagueTo Lunch IBM Connections Mail Provide a Note of Congratulations/Praise IBM Connections Status Updates Make An Organizational Announcement IBM Connections Community Blog RemindTheTeam Of An Important Deadline IBM Connections Activities
  41. 41. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Reason #2 - Roadmap
  42. 42. SharePoint is not evolving
  43. 43. So where is the innovation? • Delve? • Video? • Groups?
  44. 44. Delve
  45. 45. Social strategy in O365 • 2012 $1.2 Billion Yammer buy • 2013 Yammer! • 2014 Groups! • 2015 Yammer! • 1/2016 MS layed off its entire team of Yammer Customer Success Managers (CSMs) • 2/2016 MS enabled Yammer for all customers
  46. 46. Yammer compared to IBM Connections
  47. 47. How much is Yammer integrated? • Is it integrated with OneDrive? • Is it integrated with SharePoint?
  48. 48. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Reason #3 – Notifications
  49. 49. I am a member of 76 communities…
  50. 50. And I am still updated in a single stream
  51. 51. How can you follow SharePoint Sites • Email??? • Delve? • The SharePoint Following page? • Yammer?
  52. 52. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Reason #4 – The Theory
  53. 53. coordination cooperation collaboration harmony smooth processes co-created value synergy convergent outcomes divergent outcomes The collaboration theory
  54. 54. missing/weak in O365 cooperation collaboration harmony smooth processes co-created value synergy convergent outcomes divergent outcomes The collaboration theory
  55. 55. co-createdvalue synergy convergent outcomes divergent outcomes Without coordination, it collapses collaboration
  56. 56. Toronto, June 6-7 2016 Conclusions
  57. 57. O365 vs. social collaboration • Can not work BY DESIGN - see the theory • Customers use mostly Exchange & Onedrive • There are some good features but isolated in silos • Instead of making the solutions more integrated, Microsoft adds more and more stuff
  58. 58. Good to know • Customers do not buy O365 to foster collaboration but to use Outlook/Exchange, OneDrive, Word, Excel, Powerpoint • Even O365 customers are interested in IBM Connections
  59. 59. A side-by side comparison • In Connections, everything is simple, integrated, straightforward and transparent for end users • Business users are self- sufficient to setup and manage everything themselves • In O365, features are disintegrated, complex and hidden from the users • You need experienced (and expensive) consultants to set up and maintain Sahrepoint sites
  60. 60. Remember There are more than 365 reasons to use IBM Connections   
  61. 61. Thank You! Jan Valdman +420 603 590 152 Many thanks to people who helped me to discuss and validate my findings and ideas.

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A presentation that described advantages of IBM Connections over Office 365


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