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Sonic International - Demo Voting System

Published in: Technology
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  1. 1. Believe in Indigenization SONIC INTERNATIONAL C-38, Second floor Street No 13, Madhu Vihar, Patparganj, Delhi - 110092 Phone No: 65747203, 22247226, 43628002 Mob: 9810367083 Fax : 011 - 42182282 E- mail: Web:
  2. 2. DEMO VOTING SYSTEM (DVS- 200)DESCRIPTIONSonic has developed a miniaturized Computerized Conference Systemand Electronic Voting System for 4 members. Secretary unit is alsoincorporated to initiate the voting with 4 member’s unit in a speciallydesigned table. Two display boards, one for displaying the Total ResultDisplay and one for Individual Result Display of size 2.5 feet by 1.5feet in a single cabinet which can be hanged on the training room.SPECIAL FEATURES:Voting instructions are relayed through speakers and headphones. Theentire system element is housed inside the table.
  3. 3. System elements: 1 SG Unit – 1 no. 7 IRD (Individual Display Board) – 1 2 Delegate Unit with 8 Table to accommodate all the Microphone – 4 nos. equipments – 1 no 3 System Computer – 1 no. 9 Total Result Display Board – 1 4 DSP-200 – 1 no. 10 Speaker – 2 nos. 5 Audio Processor – 1 no. 11 Headphones - 4 nos. 6 Display Driver – 2 nos. 12 Language Selector - 4 nos. Members can learn how to speak and how to cast vote.
  4. 4. Secretary General Unit:
  5. 5. Voting ProcedureLanguage Selector Integrated Microphone and Voting Console Vote Activation Any One of the Buttons Button (Right Hand Finger)(Left Hand Finger)
  6. 6. Each member has been provided with an integrated microphone and votingconsole.“PRES” “P” for Present “AYES” “A” for Yes“ABST” “O” for Abstain “NOES” “N” for NoAlso there is a separately situated security button in “Red” (VOTEACTIVATION) provided on the LANGUAGE SELECTOR, which has to bepressed in addition to the voting button. Both buttons have to be pressedsimultaneously at the time of closing of voting in order to register a validvote.For example, if the voting period is 10 seconds, then the buttons keptpressed at the 10th second will be recorded, In case either one or boththese buttons are released prior to close of voting period, the vote will notbe registered.A Red LED “VOTE NOW” lighting during the voting period indicates that thevoting functions are active.
  7. 7. Each voting button has an assigned LED indicating the correct and validvoting function as long a button is pressed together with the VOTEACTIVATION button.During the voting period, the member can change his/her vote at any time.The vote cast at the time when the voting period is ending will be valid. Thecount down time is indicated on the Total Result Display Boards.There is a facility of counting the number of members present in the demovoting system by pressing the “PRES” (PRESENT) button together with theVOTE ACTIVATION.There are two types of LED display boards provided in the demo displayboard. One displays the individual results like Ayes, Noes, Abstain and Totalresults. ‘Vote Now’ lamps are provided on both sides of the board.
  8. 8. INDIVIDUAL RESULTS DISPLAY PANELThere are located on either side of the presiding officer’s seat, arranged ina geographical layout similar to the seating arrangement of the demovoting system. For each member, the corresponding division number isindicated on the panel along with LED display array which shows: — a green “A” for “AYES” — a red “N” for “NO” — a yellow “O” for “ABSTAIN” — a amber “P” for “PRESENT”Individual results will be shown instantaneously changing while voting andwill be “frozen” at the end of voting. Individual results are shown by thethree characters “A”, “N” or “O” on the individual results display panel.
  9. 9. TOTAL RESULTS DISPLAY PANELThey are located at the bottom of the display board. This would displaythe final results after the voting period is over.Each LED Display Board has five lines as in the following illustration: AYES 002 NOES 001 ABEST 001 TOTAL 004 TIME
  10. 10. To register for the Training program forAutomatic Vote Recording system installed atLok Sabha and Rajya Sabha chamber on Sonic Demo Voting System (DVS -200) , click the link below-