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SharePoint Highlights: SharePoint Mixology, door Johan Kroese


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Precies tussen de SharePoint Conference en de European SharePoint Conference in organiseerde Sparked op 15 april haar jaarlijkse SharePoint evenement voor de community. In navolging op de voorgaande edities ‘SharePoint Nightmares’,‘SharePoint Truths’ en ‘SharePoint Dares’ was het thema dit jaar ‘SharePoint Highlights’. De hoogtepunten van de SPC in Las Vegas stonden centraal tijdens de zes sessies deze avond. Meer info:

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SharePoint Highlights: SharePoint Mixology, door Johan Kroese

  1. 1. Head of SharePoint
  2. 2. Johan Kroese Solution Architect at Sparked MCM SharePoint 2007 MCM SharePoint 2010 Contact info @johankroese 3
  3. 3. + = HybridOnline Azure IaaS/ On- premises
  4. 4. Announcing Service Pack 1 Hybrid Sessions: Session Speaker SPC411 Office 365 identity federation using Windows Azure and Windows Azure Active Directory Spence Harbar SPC319 Configuring Hybrid Business Connectivity Services with SharePoint 2013 Fabian Williams SPC320 Configuring Hybrid Search with SharePoint 2013 and SharePoint Online Manas Biswas, Neil Hodgkinson SPC339 SharePoint 2013 hybrid end-to-end Sam Hassani SPC421 Federating applications with Office 365 using Windows Azure Active Directory Paolo Pialorsi SPC212 Stanley Black & Decker: rolling out OneDrive for Business in Office 365 connected to SharePoint 2013 on-premises Chris Teer
  5. 5. Will work* Identity Search BCS Duet OneDrive for B Won’t work OOTB Social Metadata Navigation * well, sort of anyway
  6. 6. CloudIdentity Single identity in the cloud Directory Synchronization Single identity Federated Identity (SSO) Single federated identity
  7. 7. On-premises SharePoint Server 2013 Enterprise Search portal and SharePoint Online search portal: Local and remote search results are available. Inbound Outbound SharePoint Online canquerySharePoint Server InternetMicrosoft data center IntranetPerimeter network Customer network Reverse proxy SharePoint Servercanquery SharePoint Online SharePoint Online Microsoft Office 365 tenant SharePoint SharePoint Server 2013 Farm Hybrid search results Site collection Primary web app Hybrid search results
  8. 8. Results from the Cloud Results from On Premises Query Processing Components exchange query results Requires • DirSync • Oauth trust with ACS between O365 and on- premises to enable S2S • UPS running and synced • Reverse Proxy* Results • Single result block • Refiners based on default result block • Max 10 results, no paging
  9. 9. One-way inbound only Work with your corporate data on O365 Requires - DirSync - Reverse proxy - Odata Service
  10. 10. From Office 365, read and write to SAP on-premises Requires Duet Enterprise Online for SharePoint Online
  11. 11. SP1 replaces "Skydrive Pro/OneDrive For Business" link with link to OneDrive in Office 365 Redirect users based on audiences
  12. 12. Service Pack 1 helps, a bit:  Replace “Newsfeed” with “Yammer”  Replace link to “Sites” page to Office 365  Replace "Skydrive Pro/OneDrive For Business" link with link to OneDrive in cloud What about my social experience?  Newsfeed  Sites / People / Documents I’m following?  @Mentions  Tags  Notes  Commenting  My Profile Is Yammer the solution!?
  13. 13. No OOTB solution for MMS No OOTB solution for having two content type hubs
  14. 14. + SharePoint looks like SharePoint - That might not stay this way - Hard to make it a seamless experience
  15. 15. Hybrid… Powerfull way to move to the cloud (on your own terms) Will get beter over time Know what you are getting into