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White House Process and Data Concerns


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The recent release of whitehouse visitor information indicates process and quality breakdowns for the Obama administration.

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White House Process and Data Concerns

  1. 1. The Importance of Data Quality
  2. 2. Visitor Records As part of President Obama's commitment to government transparency, we are providing records of White House visitors on an ongoing basis online. In December 2009, we will begin posting all White House visitor records for the period from September 15th onwards under the terms of our new voluntary disclosure policy. In addition, as part of our new policy, we will post records dating from January 20th that are specifically requested on an ongoing basis. For more information, read the White House blog post announcing the new policy. Transparency like you’ve never seen before Posted by Norm Eisen on October 30, 2009 at 04:31 PM EDT Today marks a major milestone in government transparency--and an important lesson in the unintended consequences of such vigorous disclosure.
  3. 3. chillin in the white house 78 visitors records to the residence
  4. 4. cool things to do at the white house • Congressional Luau • Super Bowl Party • St. Patrick’s Day Bash • An Oval Office meeting about education
  5. 5. Over 50% of the White House Visitor Data Collection is Inconsistent.
  6. 6. good processes drive good data • Only 305 records have the BDGE number field populated • Middle Initial is only capture in 297 of the entries or 38% of the visitors didn’t have middle names. • Names vary based on the inclusion of ‘ or without • <50% of the visits included a description
  7. 7. obvious thoughts • 78 visitors to one’s house has got to suck • A description of someone’s visit might be an important mandatory field in the spirit of transparency and fun – chillin w/ POTUS – ready to limbo! • How can 150 visits not have a badge number? • Ever considered auditing your processes and systems?
  8. 8. considerations and observations • Incomplete profile management indicates inconsistent integration and/or data entry • Data collections processes require management and controls • Inaccurate data mapping can impact data quality • Every data field needs to have an owner • Develop an administration wide set of data standards to improve data quality