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What is health chp 1

  3. 3. Health • Overall well being of … • YOUR BODY • YOUR MIND • YOUR RELATIONSHIPS
  4. 4. Two factors used to evaluate overall health •Life expectancy- • the number of years a person can expect to live. •The life expectancy increased between 1900 and 2000. Why?
  5. 5. Two factors used to evaluate overall health •Quality of life • degree of overall satisfaction •High quality of life should be a person GOAL !!!
  6. 6. GOAL •What is a goal???
  7. 7. • Result which a person aims for and works hard to reach.
  9. 9. Physical Health • How well your body functions
  10. 10. Physical Health •Healthy diet •Regular exercise •Adequate sleep •Proper medication and dental care
  11. 11. Mental & Emotional Health • Mentally healthy • Your mind is alert • You learn from mistakes • You recognize achievements • Emotionally • Refer to how you react to events in you life • You need to take time to relax • You need to share your feelings with others
  12. 12. Relaxation Music • Reflection and calming • umo?v=RAuLNPt4858&feature=pyv& ad=18865310014&kw=relaxation
  13. 13. Social Health • How well you get long with others • Being able to make friends • Loving relationships • Respect rights of others • Give and aspect help
  14. 14. Social health does not just happen!!! • What do you need to do to become socially healthy?
  15. 15. Hands on activity •Building a mobile • Page 4
  17. 17. YouTube • What's the medicine to a healthy life?
  18. 18. Continuum • Gradual progression through many stages between one extreme to another
  19. 19. What is a continuum? • Typically one end of the continuum represents poor health and the other end represents good health (WELLNESS)
  20. 20. Health Declines -Illness -Low energy -isolated from others Midpoint
  21. 21. Predicting • How might deciding not to smoke affect your position on the health continuum? • What other decisions might impact you location on a health continuum?
  22. 22. Section 1 Review • Pg 5 # 1-7 • “Health at school” –Writing
  24. 24. Factors that can influence health include: • Heredity • Traits passed biologically • Physical environment • Physical and social surroundings • Social environment • People you spend time with (friends and family) • Culture • Beliefs and patterns that are shared by a group of people.
  25. 25. Factors that can influence health include: • Media • Forms of communications that provide news and entertainment. • Technology • Advances help healthcare and improve quality of life. • Healthcare • What healthcare that is available to you? • Location is important • Behavior • Habits are repeated behaviors • They can be healthy and unhealthy
  26. 26. Connect to your life-Poster Activity • Why do you think that teenagers tend to take more risks than an other age group?
  27. 27. Evaluating health risk • Consider both long term and short term consequences. • DECIDE whether you can control the risk factor • Analyze the possible benefits and risks of a decision.
  28. 28. Identify Risk factors you can control • Your level of physical Activity • Your intake of fat, sugar or salt • Your use of tobacco, alcohol, and other drugs • Your use of protective gear, such as seat belts • Your choice of friends
  29. 29. Create • Write a scenario where you have to make a decision where there are risks and benefits. • Draw a T-Chart, on one side make a list of the risks on the other make a list of the benefits.
  30. 30. Chapter 1 Quiz 1. The life expectancy increased between 1900 and 2000. Why? 2. List the three aspects of health and describe what one of the three entails. 3. Describe 3 factors that influence health. 4. Identify two factors that influence health that you can control.
  32. 32. Factors to consider before buying a product… •Safety • Read labels and other information to determine if product if safe
  33. 33. Factors to consider before buying a product… •Cost • Are the same results available in other products at a lower price?
  34. 34. Factors to consider before buying a product… •Warranty • Can the product repaired or replaced? • If so how long & what does it cover?
  35. 35. Factors to consider before buying a product… •Consumer Testing • Published results of tests from government agencies and private groups. • Groups may endorse, approve, or rate products.
  36. 36. Evaluating the quality of a Services • How might attending a class as a guest help out make the decisions weather or not to join?
  37. 37. Evaluating the reliability of Information • To evaluate information you need to evaluate the source of the information. • Is the source qualified to speak on the topic? • Does the source appear bias? • Is the information current and up to date? • Do other reliable sources reach the same conclusion?
  39. 39. Advertising • Public promotion of a product or service.
  40. 40. Reflect • Have you bought a product based on an ad? If so, how did the ad convince you to buy the product?
  41. 41. Advertising Methods • Scientific Studies • Scientific test prove the products effective
  42. 42. Advertising Methods • Bandwagon Approach • Everyone is using the product. You should, too!!!
  43. 43. Advertising Methods • Testimonial • The product is effective because trustworthy people recommend it. • Subway Advertisement
  44. 44. Advertising Methods • Comparison to other products
  45. 45. Advertising Methods • Emotional appeal
  46. 46. Advertising Methods • Price appeal
  47. 47. WHAT IS HEALTH?

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