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Acquiring knowledge


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Being a consultant, and specifically in the software industry, means an ongoing journey of learning and acquiring knowledge. Some might find their way easily in the process, and some will struggle.
In this presentation hopefully you will learn what are the ways by which you can acquire knowledge, which is suitable for what and when, and many tips and tricks that will help you take the best out of it.

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Acquiring knowledge

  1. 1. Acquiring Knowledge Emad Alashi
  2. 2. Page Disclaimer 1. Different people 2. Ongoing process 3. Sometimes I fail
  3. 3. We Are Humans
  4. 4. Page
  5. 5. Channels
  6. 6. Page Channels
  7. 7. Page Skimming Articles Podcasts Articles Single Video Single Session Video series/book Live training Pairing Doing Teaching 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 0 2 4 6 8 10 12 VALUE EFFORT/TIME MEAN: EFFORT/VALUE
  8. 8. Tips
  9. 9. Page Know what you want
  10. 10. Page Depth vs Breadth
  11. 11. Page Increase Your Capacity
  12. 12. Page Time Fillers Photo by Will Vanlue
  13. 13. Page Time Fillers Photo by Will Vanlue
  14. 14. Page Comprehension vs Memorization Photo credit:
  15. 15. Page Memorization is Important What was it again?!
  16. 16. Page Multi-tasking is a Myth LocalDb is not a replacement for SQLExpress but they run the same SqlServr.exe Javascript in its current state is messy, yet it seems to be the language of the future
  17. 17. Page Focus Photo Credit: Michael Dales
  18. 18. Page I Don’t Know What I Don’t Know
  19. 19. Page Tools
  20. 20. Page Use Your Knowledge
  21. 21. Page Some ARE Smarter No Excuse!
  22. 22. Page Move on
  23. 23. Page Questions? @EmadAshi
  24. 24. Page Photo Credits • • •