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ETCDEV Presentation - at ETC Lunch May 2017

ETCDEV Presentation at ETC Lunch May 2017, NYC, Consensus 2017

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ETCDEV Presentation - at ETC Lunch May 2017

  1. 1. Igor Artamonov (Splix)
  2. 2. ● Distributed team of seasoned developers working on core ETC projects ● Principled approach to development ○ Pragmatic ○ Build a technology, not a product ○ Work close with community ○ Non-Profit ○ Apache 2 License ● Past network accomplishments ○ Blocks 2.5M and 3.0M forks, ○ Dev processes and infrastructure creation ○ Multiple releases of Geth (primary client) ● Major drivers include ○ Continue to stabilize the platform ○ Enhance usability for individuals and businesses ○ Define architecture and improve scalability and security ETC Dev TeamETC Dev Team
  3. 3. Timeline
  4. 4. Go (GETH) Client ● Ethereum Classic client, a main element of the network ● 700+ commits since the fork ● Client has performed several blockchain upgrades ● Currently testing new Monetary Policy (ECIP-1017) ● Working on code modularization, scalability, performance optimization
  5. 5. Emerald Wallet & SDK ● Set of tools and components for 3rd party developers ● An official Wallet for Ethereum Classic ● We have an internal version, working on a good User Interface and public release ● More than a wallet, it is a set of tools and components for 3rd party developers ● Wallet beta release in June
  6. 6. Sputnik VM ● A Virtual Machine for Smart Contracts ● Core of Ethereum, we have one in Geth already ● Internal version is ready, public release in summer ● Includes ○ New Architecture ○ More “developer friendly” ○ Faster ○ Embeddable into 3rd party applications
  7. 7. Get in touch ETCDEV Team @etcdev