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Learning Basecamp 2 Certificate (Linkedin Learning)


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In this course, author Bonnie Biafore shows you how to manage projects, teams, and schedules using Basecamp, a popular cloud collaboration tool. Find out how to start a Basecamp account, create new projects, and invite team members to participate. The course also covers handling work with to-do lists, communicating via comments and email, storing files, and working with templates in Basecamp. Project managers will also learn to track activities and progress in to-do lists or the Basecamp calendar.

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Learning Basecamp 2 Certificate (Linkedin Learning)

  1. 1. Certificate of Completion Congratulations, Spyros Langkos Learning Basecamp 2 Course completed on Feb 25, 2018 • 1 hour 40 min By continuing to learn, you have expanded your perspective, sharpened your skills, and made yourself even more in demand. Certificate Id: AcVtyljIwu15BUDAuF6PnbrZg6ps