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Red BullArt of Motion: Digital Marketing Plan Case Study


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Digital Marketing Plan for re bull art of motion. A case study made in an interview about Digital Strategist job position at Red Bull Hellas.

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Red BullArt of Motion: Digital Marketing Plan Case Study

  1. 1. Red Bull Art of Motion Digital Media Plan Langkos Spyros
  2. 2. Challenge • Red Bull must also stand out among the rest of the other energy drink brands by being bold and innovative
  3. 3. Objectives • Strengthen brand reputation through event awareness • Reinforce slogan “Red Bull gives you wings” • Appeal to target Audience (15-35) • Gain media attention • Form stronger bonds with communities (local+jumpers)
  4. 4. The message • The existing brand message of “Red Bull give you wings” can relate directly to the overall idea of the Red Bull Art of motion with the making of athlete jumps. • Make a top of mind positioning between the original brand message & the Athletes/people lifestyle, personality attributes, associate the extreme environment of Santorini with Red Bull, for a stronger overall message.
  5. 5. • live stream all the time from Red Bull TV with cameras surrounding the environment & athletes capturing ever second leading up to the jumps • The live stream could be found on the Red Bull website,YouTube & Livestream. • Promote individual athlete interviews to specific media & social media. • Make a customized game machine on the spot, concerning parkour for interactive gaming. • Use Augmented reality ( when someone show the camera to a spot on the local sourrounding to see a parkour athlete) & mobile ads to enhance social media interactivity • Reached consumers through story telling technique where consumers could follow the event from start to finish. Maybe post an album accompanied with player cards from last year as a RPG. Concept Idea
  6. 6. Audience Active in extreme sports, hobbies and activities Young males Music, tatto & sport enthusiasts Video gamers
  7. 7. Engagement • to push the norms for events and get people talking about what they are doing. • Getting people face to face with professional athletes they know and follow already on social media will bring them closer to Red Bull
  8. 8. Strategy Implementing cross media competition: • Incorporating all forms of social media • Together, interacting with one another Google AdWords: increase search engine results consumer leads.
  9. 9. Tactics • YouTube videos- Top 10 moments + accidents • Free Red Bull give aways • Commercial/print Ads • Facebook page • Twitter real time responses constantly
  10. 10. Social Media • Social Media will have a huge part in promotion for these new events as well as PR after the events are over • Promotion through social media would be the most effective method because of it being free to Red Bull and having people using social media tell all their friends about an event that is coming to a city near them. • Red Bull will also be able to judge how the events are liked by referring to their previous social media sites and taking peoples past comments about the event
  11. 11. Outcomes Increase website traffic Increase in followers across all forms of social media accounts Increase brand loyalty Secure top stop in our market share Increased communications with consumers
  12. 12. Budget & Timeline Timeline Length: One year Ads implement weekly across all forms of media. AdWords implemented weekly. Google Tools used at the end of each Month to record progress • I would propose a Budget for these special events between 100k-150k depending on the city and how big the venue is that they have to set up.
  13. 13. Thank You! Created by Spyros Langkos