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Exploring Brand Equitty: Converse Case Study


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Presentation_Converse, Brand Equity Exhibition
M.Sc Marketing Management_University of Derby

Brief: Spyros Langkos
Visuals: Sofia Kakavouli

Published in: Business, Technology

Exploring Brand Equitty: Converse Case Study

  1. 1. Exhibition Assignment Module: Brand Equity Langkos Spyros M.Sc Marketing Management be your own revolution
  2. 2. thebrandname the logo 1908 the Rubber Shoe Company Be independent enough not to follow every other company in every- thing they do! the history
  3. 3. ourfriend-theconsumer relationship-engagement.. You want to change the world…your sneakers can help you get there!!! Stylish Canvas Trendy 16-24 Highschool With poarents expressive happy convenient 25-35 higher education rent original spontaneous eighties 35-55+ post-graduate own house l Comfort l Stylish l Casual l Affordable USP
  4. 4. academicmodels • Relationship friendly, personal, connectivity • Physique don’t follow the crowd, rebel against conformity • Personality cool, fun, creative, edgy, bold • Culture iconic footwear, bas- ketball, urban, uncon- ventional, distinctive • Self image good experience, free- dom, part of something bigger, not sitting still • Reflection expression, health & fitness, celebrities, community, socialized brand identity prism (kapferer) perceptual map brand pyramid RESONANCE trend, socialy active, affordable JUDGMENTS loud, synthetic, durability, smell ugly FEELINGS libaration, hustling, rightfull, adrenaline PERFORMANCE to the point, simple, loyalty IMAGERY bold, memorable, creative, crafty SALIENCE heritage, reputation, accessible, charitable
  5. 5. Walk your own verse Commercialawareness Athletes – Musicians – Skaters – Students product Celebrities
  6. 6. Perceptions
  7. 7. …theFutureRevolution! enhancement of physical well-being distinct rebellion look to find individual identity exhilarating experiences social connectivity refuse to accept convention rebelling against conforming social urban culture not to go unnoticed Converse Social Converse Revolution encourage physical interaction Express yourself through CultuRe - try something new Show your mood - colour Art, Music, Creative Writing, sport Clothing - stle style - accessories Teach/inspire others your opinion - it matters! Get outside, escape now! be individual go against the crowd improve your self esteem relax - be yor yourself Be sociable Through cultural activities Connect with people not comp Compete or work together get outside of the virtual worldcreate/share memories give and receive, help othersre-connect with lost friendsbuild/strengthen friendships pass on wisdom Be a rebel Start a trend, Look & FEEL unique Inspire others to be themselves Break the rules - liberation Do something for you Break away from tech Escape Everyday conformity Break the mould Be surprising. not trying too hard Be active improve FITNESS & WEll-beingSeek thrills feel the adrenaline buzz meet new people - team sportsget creative with your surroundingsEmbrace new fITNESS Techget involved. don*t sit on the sidelinesExplore the city you live in
  8. 8. thank you !!! References • • • Google news archive • Now & Next (2010): “Converse Timeline”. • • • • Mintel (2006): “Converse booms with Nike collaboration”. • Google images •