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Analyzing motivational factors of match 3 games


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Analyzing motivational factors of match-3 games.

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Analyzing motivational factors of match 3 games

  1. 1. According to the research of Marcel Toshio Omori & Alan Salvany Felinto “Analysis of Motivational Elements of Social Games: A Puzzle Match 3-Games Study Case”
  2. 2. Gameplay mechanics Asynchronous Gameplay Psychological Needs: material needs, power needs, affective needs, ambition needs, information needs Gratification: competition, challenge, social interaction, fun, fantasy, excitation Playfulness: creation of conditions and situations to express personal meaning for players The “Flow” Intrinsic and Extrinsic Motivations Virality Players segmentation Cognitive spontaneity (learning)
  3. 3.  have simple gameplay;  do not show strong points at the fictitious socialization part;  focused on the social status;  competition is the most motivating element of the game;  Virality Dependency.