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Dunlap,s media center facilities & access survey results

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Dunlap,s media center facilities & access survey results

  1. 1. Media Center Facilities & AccessSurvey Results
  2. 2. Survey Description• Tool – SurveyMonkey questionnaire via email• Population - Sent to all certified teachers and parapros (95 total)• Duration - open for 5 days• Respondents - 41
  3. 3. Convenience of Location 12% Not at all Somewhat Very88%
  4. 4. Convenience of Hours 7% Not at all Somewhat Very 93%
  5. 5. Convenience of Scheduling Procedure 3% Very difficult and inconvenient Somewhat difficult and inconvenient Easy and convenient 97%Notable Suggestions/Comments:• Sometimes hard to get in due to Specials• Limited during Book Fair• Have staff available before and after school
  6. 6. Satisfaction with Layout/Organization 11% Very unsatisfied 25% Somewhat satisfied 64% Very satisfiedNotable Suggestions:• More areas for smaller students• More casual areas• Section off areas for less distractions
  7. 7. Satisfaction with Lighting 3% 5% Very unsatisfied Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied92%
  8. 8. Satisfaction with Furniture 3% Very unsatisfied 20% Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied 77%Notable Suggestions:• Remove front porch and replace with Pre-K/K friendly corner with seating and tables for very young children• Bean bags and carpet squares• Smaller chairs for younger children• Addition of study carrels
  9. 9. Satisfaction with Décor 3% 13% Very unsatisfied Somewhat satisfied Very satisfied 84%Notable Suggestions:• Make the media center more vibrant• More displays (favorite authors, holidays, etc.)
  10. 10. Signage 5% 5% Not at all helpful Somewhat helpful Very helpful 90%Notable Suggestions/Comments:• Large Dewey signs have been very effective
  11. 11. Accessibility of Materials 7% Unaccessible Somewhat accessible Accessible 93%Notable Suggestions/Comments:• Non-fiction is too high for little children