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Fitness In Mobile: A Case Study.

Study of mobile health&fitness apps and wearable devices market

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Fitness In Mobile: A Case Study.

  1. Fitness in MobileCase-studyCreated by
  2. This overview covers the growing market of health and fitness (H&F)mobile applications and wearable devices.It contains:• H&F applications market state and forecast• Usage of H&F apps• Types of H&F apps and best apps in each category• Wearable devices market state and forecast• Top wearable devices• Rising trends on H&F apps market• ConclusionsCase study is prepared by Stanfy team.Stanfy is a leading mobile design and development company focusedon iOS and Android.Summary
  3. Apps market stateHealth and fitness (H&F) applications market:• Apps sales totaled $1.3 billion in 2012• There are over 40,000 mobile H&F apps available• Nearly 500k users globally downloaded and usedmobile H&F apps• Downloads of H&F apps have doubled during 2012
  4. Apps market forecast• Analysts predict a significantgrowth of H&F apps market overthe next several years• A compounded annual growthrate is about 42%• Projected it will reach $10.2billion by 2018
  5. H&F apps usageAccording to RuderFinn study:• Users of H&F apps: 45% are Android fans, 33% - iOS• Apps usage is slightly higher on the iPhone: 22% vs. 16%those on Android
  6. Popular H&F appsTop of the most used H&F apps:• Nutrition• Training• Calorie counters
  7. Health And Fitness AppsOverviewTypes of apps:• Motivation apps• Distance trackers• Calorie counters and diettrackers• Exercises guides
  8. Motivation apps
  9. Motivation: runNike+ RunningApp tracks distance youvecovered, run pace andtime. Compares yourresults with friends ones.Similar apps:• RunKeeper• Couch-to-5k• Gipis Running
  10. Motivation: Set goalsLiftSet the goal for fitness oranything else: drinkingwater, going to bed beforemidnight etc.Similar apps:• Everest• Fig• Fitocracy
  11. Motivation:Fun & EngagementZombies, Run!Fun and challenginggame: once you slowdown, zombies reach you!Similar apps:• Fitness Games + Charity• Teemo
  12. Distance tracking apps
  13. MovesAutomatically tracks all theactivities: walking, running,cycling.Similar apps:• Pacer• Endomondo• Every Body Walk• Fitbit and Nike+ Fuelband– work with wearabledevicesBest pedometer apps
  14. Nutrition trackers
  15. MyFitnessPalGreat calorie counter and diet tracking service with apps foriOS, Android, WP and Blackberry. Syncs data in all apps andweb service.Similar apps:• MealSnap• Lose It!• Loose PantsBest diet trackers
  16. Exercise guides
  17. Best apps with workoutsNike Training ClubIncludes more than 100workouts on fourdirections: Get lean, Gettoned, Get strong and GetfocusedSimilar apps:• Jillian Michaels• P90X• TouchFit
  18. Wearable Devices
  19. Devices and AppsSport devices perform the tracking role, sothey require a mobile application to analyzeand store the data. Thus, all the majordevices are complemented bythe same-named app.Often device producers openAPI so other app developerscould use it. In that way thedevice could be used bymore people in moresituations
  20. Wearable Devices:Market PerspectiveIn 2011 over 14million devices wereshipped.By 2016 this numberexpected to grow by171 million units.Wearable devices have already made a revolution inhi-tech fitness. Experts forecast the volume of thismarket exceeds $12B by 2018.
  21. Data Volumes Grow
  22. Top Devices• Bracelets: Fitbit Flex, JawboneUp, Nike Fuelband, Larklife• Smartwatch: Pebble,MotoActive, rumored Apple’siWatch• Eyewear: Google Glass• Pocket devices: Striiv, Fitbit One,• Shoes: Nike
  23. Rising Trends /1Gamification And SocializingGamification. This is already a great instrument for usersengagement and education. Could help solve the problemof idle apps by driving consumer participation and makingthe platforms more compelling.Socializing. Adding friend’s support turns dull fitness appinto a great competition! Studies claim that people involvedin a team-based weight-loss competition significantly influencedeach others weight loss. Thus, in-app communities involve usersmore and help achieve more
  24. Rising Trends /2Consumer Tech And Little DataConsumer technology. Devices for health and fitness madea buzz on CES 2013, for example HAPIFork, the FitbitFlexband and GPS for the Soul app.Little data. That’s the data generated by individuals aboutthemselves and their environment. It could be collected andanalyzed by wearable devices and applications to monitorhealth indices
  25. Conclusions
  26. • Health and fitness are global rising trends, and digitalworld is ahead of it: expected apps market volume willreach $10.2B by 2018• There are 40,000 of health and fitness apps available.The most popular among them are nutrition, trainingand calorie counter apps.• The fastest-developing branch of consumer electronicsis wearable devices. Experts forecast market volumeexceeds $12B by 2018Conclusions /1
  27. • The most successful apps meet such criteria: have clean and simple UI, great look-and-feel engage users with new challenges collect data and build progress timeline connect users to social networks for sharing progress build community of users with same goals• Developers have to pay attention to gamification,socializing, little data and wearable devices as the mainupcoming trendsConclusions /2
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