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Extract of the report on the anaysis of the okoa kenya initiative


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Jubilee disappointed in IEBC over Okoa Kenya signatures - Sakaja

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Extract of the report on the anaysis of the okoa kenya initiative

  1. 1. EXTRACT OF THE REPORT ON THE ANAYSIS OF THE OKOA KENYA INITIATIVE RECORDS OF SIGNATURES SUBMITTED TO IEBC PARTICULARS RECORDS A Total number of Records Captured 1,633,577 A1 Remove records with ID/Passport numbers but no signatures only 85,647 A2 Remove records with signatures but no ID/Passport numbers only 84,542 A3 Remove records with signatures/marks but no names, no IDs/Passport numbers 15 A4 Remove records missing both ID/PP Number and Signatures (Not included in 1 and 2) 243,110 A5 Remove blank records (serialized but with no information) 9,556 A6 Records with names, ID/PP numbers and signatures 1,210,707 B Data Subjected to Further Analysis for Quality 1,210,707 B1 Remove invalid records e.g. misspelled ID/Passport Numbers that could not be corrected on the face of it. 1,205 B2 Total Records for matching purposes 1,209,502 C Records Matched Against IEBC Register of Voters 1,209,502 C1 Remove unmatched records/Records not in the IEBC Register 124,601 C2 Total Records Matching the IEBC Register of Voters using ID/PP Number 1,084,901 D Records Matching the IEBC Register of Voters 1,084,901 D1 Repeated records for further analysis 356,350 D2 Retain distinct records appearing once 728,551 E Repeated Records for Further Analysis 356,350 E1 Remove duplicates (same name & same ID/PP number) but retain one 110,529 E2 Duplicated ID/PP numbers with different names 245,821 F Further Analysis of duplicated ID/PP numbers with different names 245,821 F1 Non-unique names records wit same ID/PP Number for further Analysis 163,033 F2 Retain records found to be unique 82,788 G Match non–unique names with same ID/PP numbers on the IEBC Register of Voters (potential one-on-one duplicates) 163,033 G1 Remove identified duplicates in the 163,033 82,774 G2 Retain one version of the records identified in the 163,033 80,259 H Total records treated as invalid against the register of voters (A1+A2+A3+A4+A5+B1+C1+E1+G1) 741,979 G Total records treated as valid registered voters (D2+F2+G2) 891,598