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Leading the Rebellion: Turning Visionary Ideas into Reality

(My presentation from Adaptive Path MX)

You’ve got an idea. Maybe it’s a better process that’s a bit unorthodox. Or maybe it’s a new product idea you need to push through your organization. The question is: How does that idea become reality? Between procedure, politics, and other pushbacks, implementing visionary ideas — however promising — requires a lot more than a good prototype or story.

To understand how unorthodox ideas can make it through an organization, we’ll look outside the design industry to filmmaking. Specifically, we’ll look at what it took to make the one of the most influential — and disruptive — films of all time: the original Star Wars movie. If we look behind the scenes, what did it take to get George Lucas’s space fantasy from script to screen? From assembling the right team to navigating the Hollywood corporate studio environment to tapping into powerful universal patterns, speaker Stephen P. Anderson will share six lessons that we as UX Managers — and leaders — can all learn from Lucas’ adventure.

Leading the Rebellion: Turning Visionary Ideas into Reality

  1. LEADING Lesson Two: THE REBELLION LORUMP. Anderson by Stephen IPSUM
  2. How do Visionary Ideas become a reality? (especially in the context of a large organization)
  3. IDEA
  5. What are the obstacles? IDEA ? How do you move past those obstacles? REALITY