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Joshfire factory: Using NodeJS in production


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Description of the Joshfire Factory, its architecture and how we used NodeJS in a production environment.

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Joshfire factory: Using NodeJS in production

  1. 1. Using Node.js in production on the Joshfire Factory @Steren Paris JS 2012-04-16
  2. 2. were hiring!
  3. 3. Why Share code between client & server Same language, same libs: JS expertise
  4. 4. Architecture
  5. 5. Factory Single page web-app using REST API Express JS use middlewares for pagination, filters, private beta... Mongoose - EveryAuth - LESS
  6. 6. Data called by generated apps and app builer proxy server for online datasource cache, data-enrichment, normalization data-source code may be used client side or server side. server side HTML parsing can return code client-side usable code requiredJS, almond
  7. 7. Production
  8. 8. Testsjasmine + Jenkins
  9. 9. staging / production same environments final tests on staging 1 week release cycle
  10. 10. Hosting $ git push heroku prod:master
  11. 11. were hiring!