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Customer Experience during & after the Corona Virus crisis


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The world is facing difficult times. I hope to inspire you all about the impact the crisis may have on customer experience. In this presentation, I share some ideas about the future of customer experience. How will customer experience evolve during and after this corona crisis.
In the deck I work with three strategic pillars to focus your customer experience efforts on: digital convenience, empathy and responsibility.

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Customer Experience during & after the Corona Virus crisis

  1. 1. There are exceptions of course
  2. 2. And sometimes humans can be so predictable
  3. 3. The impact of sudden lockdown is remarkable
  4. 4. New habits: everyone is having virtual drinks with friends
  5. 5. Virtual meetings are the new normal
  6. 6. We have discovered the benefits of working from home
  7. 7. And the downsides
  8. 8. One thing is clear: even the most efficient digital tool doesn’t even come close to the real world
  9. 9. E-commerce is booming Some people are being pushed into e-commerce and are loving it. Barriers to use have been bulldozed, leaving the way ahead clear. This crisis will boost the usage of online tools!
  10. 10. China leads the way E-commerce and food delivery is booming in China after the lockdown. New habits continue to be forged.
  11. 11. People’s two most precious assets are being challenged: their wealth and their health
  12. 12. Experts predict an increase in mental health problems over the coming months
  13. 13. Learning from China: this will create a boost in divorces. We just need the real world to stay happy.
  14. 14. Once this Coronavirus Crisis is over, the world will need to go on a diet!
  15. 15. Research from the 2008 financial crisis shows that brands that go for price erosion suffer!
  16. 16. Big tech platforms are set to benefit from this increase in digital activity
  17. 17. What if companies like Amazon become a lifeline for many customers? If they manage this well, it will increase trust.
  18. 18. Help people in their everyday lives: the cookware brand Equal Parts allows you to message chefs while they cook
  19. 19. Next level! ShopStreaming: combining live streaming and e-commerce Chinese farmers are live-streaming stories from their lives, showing the community how to cook food and sell their products. This model resulted in increased revenue for Chinese farmers.
  20. 20. Understand customer needs and add value. Belgian retailer JBC made a site to explain TikTok to parents, as the global quarantine has caused a TikTok boom.
  21. 21. Norwegian Prime Minister holds a Q&A session to answer all questions from children to re-assure them that things will get better.
  22. 22. Ant Financial added free coronavirus-related coverage to its products. The action responded to customer need, while promoting awareness of the company’s online offerings and improving customer loyalty. In the midst of the coronavirus crisis, their sales increased by 30%
  23. 23. LVMH was the first global brand to use their capabilities to make hand sanitizer
  24. 24. Others followed! Anheuser-Busch are using their capabilities to boost production of hand sanitizers
  25. 25. In the Philippines, Coca Cola halted advertising, devoting that entire budget to COVID-19 relief and response efforts for the worst-affected communities
  26. 26. Belgian 3D printing expert Materialise created a free design for a hands-free door opener
  27. 27. The flexibility of the world is just amazing. All over the world, companies are using their strengths to help society.