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A Guide to Holiday Drinking: Cocktails from Around the World


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Warm up this season with some favourite holiday cocktails from around the world!

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A Guide to Holiday Drinking: Cocktails from Around the World

  1. 1. Cola de Mono CHILE Hot Toddy SCOTLAND Wassail BRITAIN Jólabland ICELAND Spiked Salep TURKEY Eggless Coquito PUERTO RICO In a small saucepan, bring all the ingredients to a low boil, except for the alcohol. Then simmer for at least 30 minutes. Add bourbon or whiskey before drinking. 1 oz ORANGE JUICE 1 Tbsp LEMON JUICE 1 tsp SUGAR 1 Stick CINNAMON 1 Pinch ALLSPICE 1 Star STAR ANISE 1 Star STAR ANISE 8 oz APPLE CIDER 1.5 oz BOURBON OR WHISKEY This is the perfect remedy for a cold. Stir together all ingredients in a heatproof mug until combined and enjoy. 1.5 oz BRANDY OR WHISKEY 2 Tbsp LEMON JUICE 1 Tbsp HONEY 1 Stick CINNAMON 6 oz HOT WATER In a small saucepan, gently heat milk, sugar, cinnamon and instant coffee until combined. Place mixture in fridge until cold and serve with aguardiente. 1.5 oz AGUARDIENTE 4 tsp SUGAR 2 tsp INSTANT COFFEE 1 Dash VANILLA EXTRACT To Taste GROUND CINNAMON 4.5 oz MILK In a small saucepan, combine salep powder, sugar and milk over medium heat, whisking constantly until it simmers. Turn off element and keep whisking until thickened. Add whiskey and cinnamon before drinking. 1 tsp SUGAR 1/2 tsp SALEP POWDER To Taste GROUND CINNAMON 6 oz WHOLE MILK 1.5 oz WHISKEY 1.5 oz CONDENSED MILK 1.5 oz EVAPORATED MILK 1.5 oz WHITE RUM 1 Dash VANILLA EXTRACT To Taste GROUND CINNAMON AND NUTMEG 3 oz COCONUT CREAM 8oz BROWN ALE 8oz ORANGE FIZZY DRINK In a pint glass, create the mixture by pouring the orange fizzy drink prior to the brown ale to minimalize foaming. Blend all ingredients on high until smooth and serve cold. THIS NUMBER IS EQUIVALENT TO OLYMPIC-SIZED SWIMMING POOLS IN NORTH AMERICA, OUR ANNUAL AVERAGE ALCOHOL CONSUMPTION IS NEARLY LITERS 2.8B 1.2BOTTLES OF SPIRITS 2.6BOTTLES OF WINE 27BOTTLES OF BEER $85 CAN BUY YOU AVERAGE SPEND ON ALCOHOL IN THE MONTH OF DECEMBER Consumption reaches a peak around the winter holidays THIS HOLIDAY SEASON, WHY NOT TRY THESE INTERNATIONAL FAVORITES?