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Top 10 Wearable Tech of 2014

Wearable technology has come a long way. Just in time for the holidays, we've prepared a list for the top 10 tech wearables of 2014.

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Top 10 Wearable Tech of 2014

  1. 2014 T O P 1 0 WEARABLE TECH OF
  2. HAS BEEN CALLED 2014 “ ” The Year of the Wearable
  3. Wearable technology has come a long way…
  4. fitness bands From pedometers to
  5. Glasses to Google Glass
  6. Analog watches to smart watches
  7. We’re living in the future!
  8. Wearable tech continues to be developed, and current trends swing towards consumer-level fitness trackers and smart watches
  9. Just in time for the holidays,
 here are the TOP 10 TECH WEARABLES OF 2014
  10. This fitness band with a pill-sized sensor and accelerometer makes for an affordable fitness tracker. TRACKING METRICS Motion SleepCalories TECH SPECS Distance Fitbit Flex Up to 
 5 days iOS/Android apps Wireless
 (Bluetooth) Waterproof $89.99
  11. Jawbone UP24 TECH SPECS TRACKING METRICS Motion SleepCalories Wireless
 (Bluetooth) Up to 
 7 days Waterproof iOS/Android apps $109.99 “Make fitness a habit”. The UP24 has just enough barebones functionality to make it happen.
  12. Martian Notifier This quartz “semi-smartwatch” combines classic analog dials with
 a small OLED screen for alerts. TRACKING METRICS TECH SPECS Motion $149.99 iOS/Android apps Wireless
 (Bluetooth) Up to 
 4 days
  13. TECH SPECS Whatever your sport, Multisport has your data covered. The extra large display and built in swim sensor are nothing to laugh at either. Up to 50m Up to 
 10 hours TRACKING METRICS Motion GPSDistance Speed Heart rate TomTom Multisport $229.99 Wireless
 (Bluetooth) iOS/Android apps TOUCH ENABLED!
  14. Up to 50m Pebble Steel The same Pebble performance dressed up with a sleeker metal body. Simple and functional. TECH SPECS TRACKING METRICS Pebble Motion Sleep $199.99 Up to 
 7 days 1.26 Inches
  15. Waterproof Samsung Gear Live A small affordable fitness tracker jam-packed with tech, a vivid display, and Google connectivity. Motion TRACKING METRICS TECH SPECS Heart rate GPS $199.99 Android app 1.63 Inches
 Super AMOLED 1.2 GHz Dual-core TOUCH ENABLED!
  16. Everything you love in the Gear Live, along with Smart Home integration and a bigger screen. Tizen TRACKING METRICS TECH SPECS Heart rate SleepMotion Samsung Gear 2 Neo $199.99 Up to 
 6 days 1.63 Inches1.0 GHz dual-core TOUCH ENABLED!
  17. LG G Watch R With a perfectly round OLED screen, smart watches don’t get better looking than this. TECH SPECS TRACKING METRICS Motion 1.2 GHz quad-core Snapdragon 400 Heart rate $299.99 Up to 
 7 days Up to 1m
 for 30 min Android app TOUCH ENABLED!
  18. Motorola Moto 360 TRACKING METRICS A pretty face with an ambient light sensor, and plenty of functionality to boot! TECH SPECS Heart rateMotion $345.00 Android app Wireless
 (Bluetooth) Up to 
 7 days 1.5 Inches TOUCH ENABLED!
  19. TRACKING METRICS Ready to run? Coaching and analytics are built into this smart watch to help increase your 
 athletic ability. TECH SPECS Motion Speed GPSCalories Heart rate Garmin Forerunner 620 Up to 
 10 hours Up to 50m $449.99 iOS/Android apps Wireless
 (Bluetooth) TOUCH ENABLED!
  20. "Innovation in every interaction." Apple Watch COMING SOON…
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