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Wesley St John Games Portfolio


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A brief glance at some of the games I have made

Published in: Entertainment & Humor, Travel
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Wesley St John Games Portfolio

  1. 1. Wesley St. John Games Portfolio January, 2012
  2. 2. iOS, xCode, cocos2d, Facebook SDK, Java, MySQL, mongoDB
  3. 3. Word Derby Play against up to 3 friends, and make a word each round from the letter bank to race your jockey down the track.
  4. 4. Word It! Challenge your friends in this fast paced word game, get achievements, or try to make the Wall of Fame.
  5. 5. Lua, Linux, Apache, mySql, PHP
  6. 6. Project Nubby A care and breeding game about raising adorable monsters and then racing them against other adorable monsters.
  7. 7. Clusterpuck A fast-paced arcade game about matching colored blocks, using sweet power-ups, and getting the high score.
  8. 8. Python, C++, Cg, Panda3d, OpenCV
  9. 9. Florida Virtual Aquarium A 30 foot wide, triple projector installation featuring interactive sea life reacting to your body's location and movement.
  10. 10. Brain-computer-interface hardware, C#, Python, sockets BrainLab
  11. 11. Balloon Race A game designed to train paralyzed patients how to control their brain waves in order to use a BCI device to communicate. Was higlighted at a recent TED-x talk.