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Santa Global's Innovation Showcase

Thanks to our ongoing relationship with Santa Global, we're thrilled to have been involved in their recent Innovation Showcase.

Santa himself talked through many of the new technologies the organisation is both exploring and using on a day-to-day basis to help them keep Christmas on track.

With special permission, we've been allowed to share this presentation with you here. We hope you enjoy this small insight into the workings of such an innovative firm.

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Santa Global's Innovation Showcase

  1. 1. INNOVATION SHOWCASE Leading the field in Christmas technology
  2. 2. Santa Global reveals all ★ In an unprecedented move, we’re lifting the curtain on how we use the latest innovations to enhance our Christmas service delivery. ★ Having been in business for over 1,700 years, what our inventioneers don’t know about Christmas, simply isn’t worth knowing!
  3. 3. Santa gets new glasses ★ Our elves have been trialling Glass in the warehouse to improve efficiency. ★ Santa will also be using it this year for voiceactivated navigation and delivery data. ★ Special lenses protect his eyes from solar glare. Google Glass Image by glassguy12345 on Flickr
  4. 4. There’s no hiding in the stables ★ Mrs Claus is using Jawbone UP to keep track of Santa’s exercise regimen and health. ★ No sitting in front of the fire for hours anymore. ★ Although, our little helpers have been known to wear Santa’s UP for the day. Mrs Claus gets very cross when this happens! Jawbone UP Only 100 steps today, Nicholas! How will you fit down the chimney?
  5. 5. ★ Santa even managed to get his hands on an early iWatch prototype. ★ Features? We couldn’t possibly say—watertight non-disclosure agreement —but it’s looking good. SE Jonny Ive recently came to visit us in Lapland. Our elves were very excited! TO P ★ CR ET It’s all about who you know iWatch
  6. 6. Real-time track and trace ★ Thanks to a long standing relationship with NORAD, we’ve been offering real-time track and trace since 1955! ★ From 3.00am MST on 24th December you can phone 1-877 446-6723 and someone will be able to tell you Santa’s exact location. ★ Real-time tracking is also live on NORAD’s website. Centre of ope rations
  7. 7. Connected eReindeer ★ eReindeer for the first time this year—one of our clever elves hacked their antlers. ★ Santa and his support team can now monitor vital reindeer statistics, such as heart rate, body temp and in-flight performance. ★ Means we can plan logistics, organise rest stops and prevent injury. eDasher eBlit zen Images by Robin McConnell on Flickr and on Flickr
  8. 8. Rapid repairs to the sleigh ★ 3D printing not yet ready for present production due to difficulty in achieving volume and quality required. ★ But we are using it to rapid prototype new and unusual Could t presents before they’re his be y our pre sent? manufactured. ★ We’re also trialling 3D printing for creation of spares for sleigh, as they’re difficult to get hold of. Image by dvanzuijlekom on Flickr
  9. 9. Little data, big data ★ We know big data: last year, more than 783,200,000,000 entries were made into our ‘Good Deeds/Bad Deeds’ database (GBD). ★ Mining our data is transforming Santa Global. The Data Elves are in their element. ★ Oodle s of da ta Little data is also providing key insights to all, improving individual performance. Image by speedoflife on Flickr
  10. 10. Santa goes social ★ Twitter ★ ★ Santa’s taken to Twitter, Facebook and Google+ like a penguin to ice. You can also email: Santa does get help from our friendliest elves during the run up to Christmas though or he’d never sleep (it gets that busy!). Facebo ok Google+
  11. 11. Global Postal Partnerships (GPP) ★ We still love snail mail and continue to accept traditional ‘Chimney to Santa’ delivery. ★ Our GPPs remain the biggest delivery operation ever known. ★ Partners include Royal Mail, the RNIB, the US Postal Service, the Finnish Post Office, Canada Post, and the St.Helena Post Office. Images by lovstromp on Flickr, didbygraham on Flickr and timlewisnm on Flickr World’s larges t postbox Dear Santa
  12. 12. The coast is clear ★ ★ Image by tawalker on Flickr It allows us to avoid excited children who are still wide awake when we arrive to fill their stockings. ★ woul 007 We’re excited about the new WiTrack technology that allows 3D motion to be tracked, even through walls. Don’t worry, we come back later when they’re asleep! proud d be
  13. 13. Bringing the cloud closer ★ In a wholesale move to the cloud, Santa Global is also looking into the latest fog computing technologies. ★ Large numbers of IT Elves have been reassigned to present wrapping due to efficiency savings. ★ Special agreements are in place over Christmas to ensure 100% uptime. Fog (b ut with t ech) Image by Hamedog on Flickr
  14. 14. LED embedded workwear ★ We have long, dark nights at the north pole, even with the northern lights. ★ Combining this with the fact that our elves are so small, we needed to find a way to ensure they were highly visible. ★ We’ve even created an ‘Elf Landing Lights’ team for the secret sleigh runway. 50% fe wer ac c idents visible more % 400 Images by internets_dairy on Flickr and orijinal on Flickr:
  15. 15. Home and dry ★ We’ve gone a little NeverWet mad here at Santa Global. ★ So far, we’ve treated: ★ The sleigh to eliminate ice issues —no water, no ice! ★ Santa’s coat and trousers so he doesn’t get covered in soot going down the chimney. ★ Some of the elves in a ‘never wash’ experiment. Now they just don’t get dirty—ever! Sooty r Neve
  16. 16. Rudolph’s warm and happy ★ ★ Biomim icry In collaboration with Rudolph, our elves are developing smart textile reindeer rugs. ★ ight temp Just the r Around the world flights = vast temperature fluctuations. Phase change materials and bionic membranes hold promise. Penguins have even let us into the secret of their own adaptive insulation. ! Images by Loren Javier on Flickr and Antarctica Bound on Flickr
  17. 17. Before we go... ★ Special thanks to our strategic innovation partner, Stocker Partnership, without whom this showcase would not have been possible. ★ Throughout the year, they’ve worked with us to rediscover the magic of Christmas, consistently envisioning and inspiring our inventioneers.
  18. 18. Wishing you a very merry Christmas Ho! Ho! Ho!