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case study of Big bazaar or future group


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Case study of HRD of Big bazaar or future group. useful for management students as well as students of engineering.

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case study of Big bazaar or future group

  1. 1. 1 Case study on HUMAN RESOURCES MANAGEMENT Of “BIG BAZAAR” ABOUT BIG BAZAAR:- Big Bazaar is a chain of department stores in India currently with 100 outlets. It is owned by Pantaloon Retail India Ltd, Future Group. It works on the same economy model as Wal-Mart and has been successful in many Indian cities and small towns.
  2. 2. 2 HUMAN RESOURCE MANAGEMENT IN BIG BAZAAR:- The HR department of Big Bazaar is very dynamic. Employees are the biggest strength and asset of any organization and the HR dept realizes this very well. This is very evident from the way the HR department handles all its employees. They take utmost care to select, train, motivate and retain all the employees. They have continuous developmental Programs for all the employees. There are two shifts for the employees. The first shift employees arrive at 10AM in the morning and leave at 7.30 in the evening, while the second shift employees report at 12.30 in the afternoon and leave at the time of Store closing (10pm). HR MANAGEMENT IN RETAIL: “In today’s Era it is difficult to gain an edge through unique product offerings, since today’s customers has easy access to a wide selection of goods.” Retailers are striving to create a superior store experience for consumers – To increase sales & Customer Loyalty Major Retail Variable Assets are:  Inventory  Labour  Retailer’s single largest controllable expense  Through Employees Brand’s Deliver:  Customer Service & Experience  Revenue  Brand Differentiation
  3. 3. 3 OBJECTIVE OF THE ORGANIZATION HRM: The protection of its employees is Big Bazaar first priority because employees are the asset of this company. To maintain the global corporate standard Big Bazaar focuses on the need for safe working environments. Big Bazaar has resolved to provide a safe working environment for all their employees, contractors and visitors and they are trying to implement Health and safety practices and programs at all working places objectives of the organization are METHOD OF HRM AT BIG BAZAAR:  According to HR manger of Big Bazaar, Gwalior, “Hiring persons with Right Attitude is important in all organizations”  The HR Function in Retail Involves:  Identifying Various roles in organizations  Recruiting people with the right attitude to fit the jobs.  Training  Motivating Employees  Evaluating employee performance HRM MODELS: The source approach to HRM gives importance on an employee to be ‘resourceful’ who increases performance by using motivation, communication, leadership to increase commitment and loyalty. The soft model considers that if satisfaction is increased it will be the only way to go about in the management against various estimated methods possibly used in the hard model.  The Objective of HR /Manpower planning: Manpower planning is done to balance and develop the organizations ability to meet its goal by developing Strategies that will contribute its optimum contribution of human resource. The line manager and staff manager take the responsibility of Manpower planning.
  4. 4. 4  Organizations HR Planning and development: What the employee requires can be understood by an effective mechanism called HR planning. HR planning can manage the changes in the organization like growing decrease in requirements of employees. HR planning implements new recruitment and hold skilled and efficient staff by understanding easily the needs of future TRAINING AND DEVELOPMENT OF BIG BAZAAR:  It must be admitted that the company culture has learning. All employees try to upgrade their skills and knowledge continuously. So employees are willing to learn to be recruited by Big Bazaar.  Training and development is done on-the-job. Every manager has a duty to guide and train employees for their progress.  The act of mentor is done by each manager for his employees.  Formal assessment of Big Bazaar is done once a year on a standard basis. It gives feedback on past performance and future potential. Other related aspects concerning a staff member’s performance are provided feedback. OBJECTIVE EVALUATION OF THE ORGANIZATION: Human resource managers should identify human resource strategies like flexible dynamic employees are attracted, selected and then trained and motivated to be more productive than the competition. Human resource managers are not administrators but strategic partners.  The HR managers should develop and motivate employees by addressing the issues that help others to improve in their work and their ability.  The managers should be curious and broadminded and interested in other culture and lifestyles including continuous learning and sharing knowledge and ideas freely with others.