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Vacuum forming machines


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by Reina Joy F. Simon

Published in: Technology
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Vacuum forming machines

  1. 1. • Vacuum formers in the dental industry are used to imprint opposing bite and fabricate other dental appliances like sports mouth guards, bleach trays and orthodontic appliances. • These formers can use a variety of thermoplastics depending on necessary thickness and flexibility needed. • A vacuum former should be composed of a vacuum pump and a heating element Also known as thermoforming
  2. 2. Upper Frame Stop Hole Hexagon Post Hole Plate Handle for Sliding Plate Sliding Plate (Clamp) Release Handle Main Frame Timer Switch Indicate LightIndicate Light Parts of Vacuum Forming Machine
  3. 3. Uses of vacuum formers Retainers Indirect Bonding Trays
  4. 4. Uses of vacuum formers Special Trays Bleaching Trays
  5. 5. Uses of vacuum formers Splints or mouth guard Temporary Base Plates
  6. 6. Uses of vacuum formers Temporary Crowns
  7. 7. Procedure Step 1 • Insert selected sheet resin material into the clamping frame. The S or screw-handle clamps allow adjustment of the frame according to the thickness of the material used.
  8. 8. Step 2 • Place model or cast on vacuum plate.
  9. 9. Step 3 • Slide clamping frame upward until it locks into position. Turn main switch on.
  10. 10. • Allow appropriate time (usually 2-4 minutes) for the material to heat sufficiently to achieve optimal sag for vacuum forming. Wait 2-4 minutes!
  11. 11. • Most other materials are heated until they sag 0.5-1 inch
  12. 12. • Milky, semi- transparent coping material should be formed when it becomes clear and barely begins to sag.
  13. 13. Step 4 • When the desired sag has been achieved, lower the clamping frame over the model. Activate the vacuum. A smooth, controlled lowering is recommended forthin materials.
  14. 14. Step 5 • Run vacuum motor for 10-20 seconds for thin plastics and 20-40 seconds for thick materials to ensure adaptation. Turn off main switch. Allow material to cool until it is comfortable enough to handle.
  15. 15. Step 6 • Trimming of the appliance.
  16. 16. • The Machine III has been a staple in Keystone Industries’ long-lasting line of highly recommended vacuum former machines. • more power than any other dental vacuum former, which means the production of more accurate and definite dental thermoplastic appliance. • This machine is used to process bleaching trays, sports mouthguards, implant stints, temporary splints, custom impression trays, denture bases, copings, temporary crowns and bridges and orthodontic appliances.Machine III
  17. 17. • the Machine IV’s compact and lightweight design takes less space than other vacuum formers and is can be easily picked up and stowed away when not in use. • The vented heated cover allows heat to quickly dissipate, allowing the machine to cool quicker. • A locking handle allows varying the height of the material play during the heating process. • Built-in safety timer that shuts down the heater if not used for 15 minutes. • The base of the machine is made from super strong, lightweight space- age thermoplastic material that is designed for high-temperature application. Machine IV
  18. 18. • The Single Chambered Vacuum Former is an economical answer that can still excellently fabricate most thermoplastic appliances. • The all-aluminum construction eliminates rusting and the heating element is symmetrically engineered for uniform heat distribution. • The hexagonal post keeps the frame from rotating or sliding. Single Chambered Vacuum Former US$ 316.00
  19. 19. • An extremely powerful, accurate, and quiet vacuum forming system utilizing compressed air-powered suction. • Utilizes ultra-high powered venturi suction to create highly accurate vacuum adaptations • Unique table uses either standard flat plate or included steel bead basket for multiple model positioning options Accu - Vac™ Precision Vacuum Forming System
  20. 20. • Improved Classic High Performance Vacuum Forming System that Allows Both Traditional Flat Table and Accurate Bead Basket Adaptations. ● High Performance Electric Vacuum Forming System Dual-stage electric vacuum motor provides powerful suction and highly accurate adaptations- no compressed air connections required! ● Heavy Duty Construction Solid for maximum durability and long life ● Convenient and Safe Design Unique housing design prevents motor contamination, shields heater, and promotes ergonomic operation Sta-Vac II Vacuum Forming System
  21. 21. • This new attachment works in conjunction with keystone industries vacuum formers to create a better fitting dental appliance. • The dome uses positive pressure during vacuuming, allowing for a form-fitting mold of thermoplastics. • The pressure dome hooks into any existing air compressor lines to provide extra pressure when adapting thermoplastics over an existing model. • Works great for making laminated mouthguards, heavy-duty splints, hard/soft dual laminated splints, proflex base plates, model duplication, orthodontic retainers and more. KEYSTONE - Pressure Dome
  22. 22. • The powerful pressure unit provides superior adaptation for dental plastics using laboratory or operatory internal air compressors. • Because the unit has no motor, it is compact and very quiet. Also, the vacuum pressure from an office compressor is usually greater than the pressure generated from smaller vacuum units. • The greater the pressure, the better definition and adherence the dental appliances will have. KEYSTONE - Proline Air Vac 2000
  23. 23. • Powerful vacuum system for outstanding detail with any application. Electronic temperature controls and thermostat supports symmetrical heating. Motorized closure, digital timer, and pre-calibrated settings for common uses make operation simple. Accurate results processing bleaching trays, sports mouthguards, orthodontic appliances, and other vacuum-formed dental appliancesBeyond InForm • Powerful vacuum system for outstanding detail with any application. • Electronic temperature controls and thermostat supports symmetrical heating. • Motorized closure, digital timer, and pre-calibrated settings for common uses make operation simple. • Accurate results processing bleaching trays, sports mouthguards, orthodontic appliances, and other vacuum-formed dental appliances
  24. 24. • Uses a pressure thermoforming machine to produce orthodontic retainers, appliances, mouthguards and bleaching stents. • The Ministar provides the highest accuracy for the patient by using air pressure to mould the appliance specifically to the patient’s oral cavity to ensure a perfect fit. Mini Star Pressure Forming Machine
  25. 25. • the newest iteration of the popular ERKODENT® thermoforming line, streamlines the fabrication process for increased efficiency. • Much like its laboratory-proven predecessors, this automated unit is designed to thermoform and imprint the opposing bite for optimum fit, and includes a touchless temperature control, reserve vacuum and preprogrammed settings.Erkoform-3d™ Motion
  26. 26. • A pressure molding device for all applications of the dental thermoforming technique in the laboratory and in the practice. • The thermic-controlled IR-radiator gets the working temperature within a short time • Heating and cooling times are programmable • The heating of the sheets takes place on the model-turned-side. • Optically and acoustically messages. • Big display-indication. • Simple operation. • The constructive design enables full utilization of the degree of thermoforming and the precise forming definition • Low air consumption levels. RSB DUNAFORM
  27. 27. • The Pro-Form vacuum former has a dual chambered, heavy duty vacuum motor especially designed for the dental industry. • The advantages are: - All aluminum construction to eliminate rust. - Two-post sliding frame to assure ease in operation. - Vacuum motor strategically located below a perforated plate to create direct downward suction. - • A heavy duty two chambered motor for greater suction output. - Symmetrically engineered heating element for uniform heat distribution. - Compact to save precious counter space. - Spring loaded frame to accommodate a variety of materials. - Useful in a wide range of clinical applications Vacuum Forming Dual Chambered
  28. 28. •Is a vacuum forming machine for making bleaching tray, splints, or any other vacuum formed orthodontic appliances. •Thanks to its technical and aesthetic advantages, it is ideal for both laboratories or dental offices.FORMAX
  29. 29. • Ideal equipment for the thermoforming of plastic plates of different materials and thicknesses. • Aspiration system of high power included in the equipment. • It possesses a guide axis. • Armored resistance, with the profile adapted to allow the uniform distribution of the temperature in the whole surface of the material to thermoform. • Has an automatic system to start the aspiration motor when the technician downs the plate support to the base of the equipment. • The professionals can work with round or square plastic plates. VP-500
  30. 30. • A powerful motor generates the vacuum automatically at the instant of conformation. • APPLICATIONS: oMouth protector; oMatrix for composed resin; oProvisory bridge; oCopings; oBrackets fixation; oFluoride application tray; oSurgical guide; oBite plate (bruxism); oBase plate; oIndividual trays; oWhitening; oPackaging for study casts (file); Plastvac P7
  31. 31. • It is cheap, easy to use and has an attractive design. It has a powerful aspiration motor with automatic connection when the sheet holder goes down. • The ceramic-type heater allows a progressive and uniform heating of the material that is going to be formed. It can be used with square sheets. • The machine is supplied with a plane model holder and with a basket that can be filled with grit so forming depth is reduced. Agribond