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Lkit pres

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Lkit pres

  1. 1. Learning, communication & ITupdated feb 2013updated feb 2013
  2. 2. Staff• Post Docs/Researchers/Senior researchers• Prof. Berner Lindström• Johan Lundin, PhD, associate prof.• Alexandra Weilenmann, PhD, associate prof.• Mathias Klang, PhD, associate prof.• Wolmet Barendtregt, PhD• Ylva Hård af Segerstad, PhD
  3. 3. Staff• Marisa Ponti, PhD (post doc. Oslo)• Lars Svensson, PhD, associate prof. , (Visiting)• Ulrika Lundh Snis, PhD (Visiting)• Barry Brown, PhD, (Visiting)• Patrik Lilja, PhD• Teachers (besides research staff)• Mattias von Feilitzen
  4. 4. PhD-students• PhD Students• Catarina Player-Koro (disp. 2012)• Göran Karlsson (disp. 2012)• Patrik Lilja (disp. 2012• Lena Dafgård (disp. 2013)• Anne Öhman (lic. 2013)• Anna-Lena Godhe (disp. 2014)•Torbjörn Ott (lic. 2014)•Martin Tallvid (disp. 2014)•Beata Jungselius (disp. 2015)•Leona Johansson Bunting (disp. 2016)•Therese Haglind (lic. 2016)•Sofia Serholt (disp. 2016)•Lisa Adamsson (disp. 2019)
  5. 5. Research networks andcollaboration• LinCS (The Linnaeus Centre for Research on Learning, Interaction andMediated Communication in Contemporary Society) is a national centre ofexcellence funded by The Swedish Research Council (total app. 50 people)• Berner Lindström,Wolmet Barendtregt,Ylva Hård af Segerstad, JohanLundin,Alexandra Weilenmann, Marisa Ponti, Patrik Lilja, Martin Tallvid,Anna-Lena Godhe, Göran Karlsson,• Part of the Learning - priority research area, at GU.• Part of the Centre for LanguageTechnology, at GU
  6. 6. Educationalprogrammes• Learning, teaching and IT - one of the orientations of the teachersprogramme at University of Gothenburg, LP 01.• Learning, communication and IT - Master programme (magister), webbased
  7. 7. PhD Education• Applied IT - orientation towards educational research• Center for educational research och teacher research - thetheme “New media, teaching and learning (MUL)”• Collaboration between: LCIT at dep. of applied IT - LinCS -and researchers and PhD students at Univ. of Gothenburg aswell as Chalmers University.• 5-10 PhD students
  8. 8. Gothenburg Knowledge LABEducation ResearchExperimentsDevelopment• Designing for learning with digitaltools• courses, workshops, seminars, visits• research projects, support for datacollection, design based research• development projects, educationaldevelopment, teacher development• teachers educational experiments,technological drivenexperimentation
  9. 9. Games• How do we learn to game and how do we learnthrough gaming• Developing new games, how to design fun games forlearning• Use of games for learning, at home and in educationalsettings• Evaluations, do we learn more through gaming,perspetions of quality
  10. 10. Mobile Technology• Mobile services for interaction, communicationand learning• Students’ mobile and personal technologies• One-to-one in schools• Writing and learning to write on mobile devices
  11. 11. Learning environments• Infrastructures for learning• Learning in different ”subject-matter”domains (mathematics and science)• Video and videopapers in teacher training• Project based work and IT• IT and learning elementary mathematics
  12. 12. Digital text and Literacy• Children´s delvelopment of””new”literacies in and out of school• Trageton-pedagogy -Writing to read• Digital story-telling• CALL – video in SL learning• CALL –Wikis learning technical English
  13. 13. Open and flexible learning• Distance education and flexible learning – apolicy analysis• Quality in higher education• Digital resources / multimedia (OER)• IT and learning and teaching in highereducation
  14. 14. IT and learning at work• IT and training in industry• Teacher competence in using IT• IT to support teachers competencedevelopment• Systems for knowledge and competencemanagement