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Digital marketing for start ups chandigarh

Online Digital Marketing for Start-Up
How to create Online Digital Marketing Strategy, How to Start? What should be our Focus.

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Digital marketing for start ups chandigarh

  1. 1. Digital Marketing For Start-ups' Chandigarh 20-06-2015 Welcome to
  2. 2. Digital Marketing Strategy Business Company Brand Need to communicate to Prosper
  3. 3. Communication
  4. 4. Strategy Strategy is a plan for obtaining the goal, based on the information @ hand in targeted time & with given Resource
  5. 5. Goals Need to be SMART ACTION – Oriented
  6. 6. Frailer / Success Research Analysing Data FilterObserving Discuss Use Info Doing / Done Information @ Hand are the pieces of information related to the Goal that help inform the strategy
  7. 7. Process Example Information @ Hand Traffic Metrics of Competitor Sites Market Size Where my Users are Pricing Gaps in the demand and supply Goal Reach N number of traffic N % of Market share N amount of Turn Over Strategy Where my Target Traffic are Get where my Target Traffic are Listen about the offerings in the vertical Gap analysis Educate & Engage Target Users Promote Offerings USP Competitive offering pricing Service After Delivery
  8. 8. Four Core of Stages to Build & Execute Digital Strategy Evaluation Planning Creating Execution
  9. 9. Product Oriented 8 Ps Product •Digital value •Experiencing the brand Price •Price transparency •Creative pricing models Place •Representation •New distribution models Promotion •Online vs. offline mix •Integration People •Resourcing and training •Contact strategies Process Automation •Optimizing internal and external processes through the web Physical Evidence •Online physical evidence •Integration Partnerships •Managed marketing alliances
  10. 10. NEW DIGITAL MARKETING FRAMEWORKS 4Es, 5Is, 4Is & 6Cs • 4Es for customer orientation framework which is comprised of – Experience – Exchange – Evangelism – EveryPlace • 5Is for customer orientation the 1:1 philosophy of personal conversation framework which is comprised of – Identification – Individualization – Interaction – Integration – integrity • 4Is for customer engagement framework which is comprised of – Involvement – Interaction – Intimacy – influence. • 6Cs and the OVP (Online Value Proposition ) Building upon the Es. Dave Chaffey (2004) suggested 6Cs for customer motivation to company’s Online Value Proposition (OVP)
  11. 11. 4Cs Cost Cost to the customer (pricing). Customer Customer needs and wants (from the product). Communication Communication (promotion). Convenience Convenience (relative to time, place & mode).
  12. 12. Rothery (2008) developed the 4Es framework as a follow-on to Lautenborn’s (1990) 4Cs framework. • Exchange Price (as money or credit is exchanged for product or services) Payment Options • Evangelism Promotion becomes evangelism. (word-of mouth-marketing) • Every place Place or distribution should be everywhere the customer are. • Experience A product / services is an experience (including online offline experience). Experience EveryPlace ExchangeEvangelism
  13. 13. 5Is for Customer Orientation
  14. 14. FORRESTER’S 4Is OF CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT INVOLVEMENT INTERACTION INTIMACY INFLUENCE What to Track •Site visits •Time spent •Pages viewed •Search keywords •Navigation paths •Site logins •Contributed content •UGC Quantity •UGC Frequency (written reviews, blog comments, forum discussions) •Sentiment tracking on third-party sites •Sentiment tracking of internal customer contributions •Opinions expressed in customer service calls •Net promoter (NP) score •Product/service satisfaction ratings •Brand affinity •Content forwarded to friends •Posts on high profile blogs How to Track •Web analytics •eCommerce platforms •Social media platforms •Brand monitoring •Customer service calls •Brand monitoring •Customer service calls •Surveys
  15. 15. Chaffey (2004) suggests 6Cs of customer motivation to help define the Online Value Proposition (OVP) Customer Motivation 6 Cs Content •Right content •Right context •Right media Customization •Personalization according to individuals or groups Community •Many-to-many social networks Convenience •24/7 availability •Turn around time •After Sale Service •Refund Guaranty Cost reduction •Internet perception of lower-cost – no middle man Choice •Products / Services •Method of Payment •Delivery •Ease Return
  16. 16. PRACE & SOSTAC • Dave Chaffey framework RACE™, but the P for Planning is an indispensible step. • It is often used in conjunction with SOSTAC, as the two planning systems are complementary. • PR Smith’s SOSTAC® Planning System is also a planning process framework to help structure and manage implementation of digital marketing plans. The best way to see how these two planning systems operate is by taking a look at the graphics on the next two pages. • SOSTAC SOSTAC® stands for – Situation, – Objectives – Strategy – Tactics – Action – Control • PRACE PRACE stands for – Plan – Reach – Act – Convert – Engage.
  17. 17. Inconvenient Truths “Digital Strategy means something that will change my bottom line in 3 - 6 months” Shiv Singh, PepsiCo My take “Digital Strategy is plan to expand in the borderless space on Internet and mobile” It’s No magic spell or not a way for Marketing Experts to fill the fall short gaps of Market plan
  18. 18. Traffic Source
  19. 19. Presence (Website) – Presence (Website/blog) • Design – UI, GUI & UX • Colour Schema • Content (Different types- text, Image, Videos) • Navigation wire frame
  20. 20. Content for WebSite • Know your audience • Know how and where they consume information • Research publishers or organizations to partner with • Complement your paid promotion with social media • Add e-mail marketing to the mix • Make sure to have executive support. • Measure your results and report. Of marketers say content creations is back born of SEO Of marketers in strategic phase of SEO invest in Content creation
  21. 21. Target Users • Who the Customers are • What they are looking for • What’s the Gape of demand and supply • Where the Target Users are
  22. 22. Identification of Goal • Short term – Traffic – Registration – Leads – Sale • Long term – Branding – Loyalty – Return Sale – Partners
  23. 23. Selection of Channels Channels • Paid Campaign • Organic • Content Marketing • Social Media • Paid Social Campaign • Email Marketing (Remarketing) This depends on the variable -Vertical, Objective Goal, Fund & Time Line
  24. 24. Paid Channels Channels • PPC (Google, MSN-Bing/Yahoo) • Digital Media Inventory • Social Paid Campaign
  25. 25. Organic Traffic
  26. 26. Organic Channels Organic Traffic • Organic Search – Google Search – Yahoo Search – MSN Bing Search • Social Network • Content Marketing – Ghost Writing – Guest Blogging – Content Distribution etc.
  27. 27. Organic Search Traffic
  28. 28. Social Media Channels
  29. 29. Content Marketing +Positives • Content marketing Boosts SEO • Good quality content enhance Search visibility • Content marketing enhance Social visibility via sharing • Distributed Content on Social drives traffic • Content attracts niche audiences • Targeted content is proven to impact purchase decisions
  30. 30. Content Creation / Generation Publish Create Draft Edit Create Original Content Listen to Social Research Social Discuss on Social Read Similar Topics Consult Topic Experts
  31. 31. Plan Budget for Online Marketing? How to budget for online marketing activities? Depends on –the objective of the company / brand –the pocket depth –the Time Line to achieve the objective Sample Budget
  32. 32. What is the Right Digital Marketing Team? • Very Hard to Answer • Depends on Budget & Skilled Resource Availability Start-up • Out Source • Shared Strategic Resource (Consultant) Company With comfortable budget • Strategic Lead (Consultant) • Create a Strong Hands on Team
  33. 33. Team Member Quality Digital Marketing is Communication, hence • Commend over the language (English). • Hunger for learning • Street Smart • Head on Approach • Correct Fundamentals
  34. 34. Team Building & Training
  35. 35. Susomoy Sinha Twitter: @susomoy The change of mind set is needed for Online & Digital Marketing. Scope is huge with new frontiers opening with new technology and digital media. A long term plan is very essential for all companies and Brands.