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Brand building ppt


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Brand building ppt

  1. 1.  Almost 40% of people dye their hair. It is an easy and non-invasive way of enhancing yourappearance. In the Indian scenario the hair color market has beenincreasing tremendously since the year 2006. The main players are:Godrej: 33 % of the hair dye marketL’Oreal & Garnier: 60% of the hair cream marketColor Mate: 38% of the hair powder market
  2. 2. Advantages :- Not only will a hair dye change to a similar tone ofthe natural hair but also it will be the least timeconsuming, it will also ensure the most natural andcredible look. Natural tones are also usually the healthiest for yourhair because they are less damaging and less use ofchemicals. Hair dyes in comparison to hair color have fewerchemicals too, which is good for your hair.
  3. 3. 1. Permanent hair dyes2. Demi-permanent hair dye3. Semi-permanent hair dyes4. Temporary hair dyes
  4. 4.  The details of the survey are as follows: Respondents: 50. Demographic profile of TG:Age: - 30 years and above (hair dye users only)Sex: - Both males and femalesLocation: - Mumbai
  5. 5.  Which are the famous hair dyes you are aware of?(Godrej, Vasmol, Biggen, Indica) Do you think dyeing your hair is a better option thancoloring your hair? Do you face any side effects after using hair dyes? How long does the hair dye last? How long does thehair dye last? If any new hair dye is going to be introduced in themarket what would you want it to be like?Some questions asked in theresearch
  6. 6. Overall Analysis of Research: The leading hair dye brand is Godrej with 60% andcoming close to second is Vasmol. 64% of the respondents said that they do use one of theabove mentioned hair dyes. 62% of the respondents feel that hair dyeing is a betteroption to hair coloring. 72% of the respondents didn’t face any side effects.
  7. 7.  The lasting effect of the hair dyes. 30% said itlasted for 4 weeks. 32% said it lasted for 3weeks. 34% said the hair dye lasted for 2 weeks. Hair dyed last most said 2 weeks back with a34%. 80% said they had no complains about their hairdye. 46% want hair dyes to be herbal and longlasting.
  8. 8. Consumer complaintson the existing hair dyes:Itching in the scalp.hair dye does not last longer.the number of white strands startedincreasing.
  9. 9. Name of the company: Symbi Pvt. Ltd.SymbiName of brand of hair dye: Nonia
  10. 10. The name Nonia because our hair dyeis ammonia free. Therefore, No-nia.By nia we mean ammonia.
  11. 11. StrengthsWeaknessesOpportunitiesThreats
  12. 12. Demographic profile: Sex: both males and females. Age: above the age of 30 years. Location: Metro CitiesPrimary Audience will be the men and women above 38years.Secondary Audience will be men and women betweenthe age group of 30-38 years and also anyone elsewho wants to use ammonia free hair dye.
  13. 13. Psychographic Profile who take a lot of stress. old age wise but young at heart
  14. 14. Qualities of our product It does not contain ammonia No ammonia so no skin or hair allergy. It is quick to use and is long lasting It also has a good fragrance to it. USP: Ammonia free.Benefits: It will not smell bad. Quick to use
  15. 15. Product pack
  16. 16. 4 P’s of Marketing: Product: Our product is Nonia ammonia free hairdye. Price: As an introductory price Nonia will be sold12 grams for Rs.22/- for a twin pack which can beused for dyeing your hair twice.
  17. 17.  Place: Our hair dye Nonia is going to belaunched only in Mumbai. Promotion: Since we are a brand new companycoming up with a new product we are planningto have a grand launch.
  18. 18. Launch: TV Ad slot Print outdoor hoardings Radio Press Conference – (Final introduction)
  19. 19. During the introductory stageFree samplesTrial packsFree demonstrations
  20. 20.  We plan to keep giving our customers a little morethan they expect in order to increase the sales. Our goal is to satisfy our customers and only thenearn profits; we also will be having a clean slate onthe ingredients side. Our budget is between 25 and 30 crores, so we willalso be having new additions to our brand Nonia.
  21. 21. Distribution channels Manufacturer of the product – to our company, todistributors- to retailers/ supermarkets – to consumers. Tie ups with super markets like Hypercity, Big Bazar,Star Bazar, Reliance Fresh Tie up with Beauty shop where we plan to give free trialsfor a week at the store.
  22. 22. Advertising objectivesTrialContinuityBrand Switching
  23. 23. Frame 1. Two sisters are getting ready as they are going for awedding.Last Frame . In the last frame she is shown that Nonia is used andthe hair has been dyedPoints highlighted in the TVC: Nonia is ammonia free. Quick to use – 10 minutes only. Leaves no stains on the hands.
  24. 24. Print Electronic OutdoorNewspapers Television Hoardings/Bombay Times Zee Tv BillboardsHindustan Times Cafe Star PlusMumbai Mirror SonyMagazinesFeminaChitralekha
  25. 25. Promotional plan for MONTH 1 3 ads a week in all three newspapersRs. 1,20,00,000 Tvc everyday (mon-fri) during prime timeRs. 75,00,000 Tvc every alternate(3) day at between 11am and5pm.(10sec) Rs. 36,00,000
  26. 26.  Billboards at all the 3 destinations for a month.(Bandra, Andheri & Borivali) Rs.7,00,000 Magazines1 Ad in Femina & Chitralekha) Rs. 6,25,000TOTAL = Rs.2,44,25,000
  27. 27.  2 ads a week in three newspaper.Rs.80,00,000 Tvc 3 times a week during prime timeRs. 45,00,000 Tvc 2 times a week between 11am and 5pm.Rs.9,60,000
  28. 28. Billboards at all the 3 destinations for amonth. Rs.7,00,000Total= Rs.1,41,60,000
  29. 29. Interviewssurveys conductedmobile smsStatistics by retailersrecall valuemost appealing thing
  30. 30. THANK YOU