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Solar on grid application ppt


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In this presentation we will describe how electrical energy can be saved using solar energy.

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Solar on grid application ppt

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  2. 2. Solar on grid is also known as grid- tied or utility interactive system. It generates solar electricity through solar panels and route it to the utility grid. Living with an on-grid solar electric system is the same as living with grid power, except that some or all electricity you use comes from the sun.
  3. 3. There are four different cases we are going to study now : Case 1 : ONLY SUN ENERGY The solar panel collects the sun energy. The dc solar electricity goes through the dc disconnect switch to the DC/AC inverter where it will be converted to AC. Through the AC panel breaker AC electricity will then supply to your households.
  4. 4. Case 2 : SUN + GRID ENERGY In some cases sun energy is not sufficient so we use sun + grid energy i.e. in cloudy or rainy days
  5. 5. Case 3 : SUN and EXCESS ENERGY In case there is excess of sun energy from your house it will sometimes turn the electric meter backward to the utility grid.
  6. 6. Case 4 : GRID ENERGY AT NIGHT At night, we have no energy comming from sun so we are left with only one option i.e. utility grid.