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Tax E filing in pakistan


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Tax Efiling is one of the important job for Tax filler in 21st century you have to be well known from Efiling.

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Tax E filing in pakistan

  1. 1.  Introduction  Fbr website overview  List of E-services  Filer and non filler  Withholding Agents  Compliance of withholding  Non compliance penalties of wht holding tax return.  Online NTN/ Tax payer verification  PSID/E-challan  Filing wht holding tax u/s section 165  Monthly Sale tax Return
  2. 2.  E-Service is simply a way to serve your documents using internet and taxes online system. It saves time and, quite often, a significant amount of money over traditional methods’-filing is an electronic facility provided by the FBR to the taxpayers to file income tax returns/statements.
  3. 3.  Company  AOP  Individual Benefits of E-filing  Convenience:  Security:  Accuracy  Proof of Filing  Direct Deposit
  4. 4.  REGISTARTION SERVICES  Taxpayer Registration  Change in Particulars  Enrollment for availing e-Services  (i.e.Obtaining User-Id, Password and PIN)  Application of enrollment as e-Intermediary  INCOME TAX RETURNS  Income Tax return  Income tax withholding statements  Return of Aircraft/ ship Owner  Time extension request for filling return  SALES TAX  Sales Tax return  Sales tax withholding statements.
  5. 5.  TAX PAYMENTS & REFUNDS  Income tax  Sales Tax  Federal Excise Duty  Withholding Tax  Sales Tax Refund Application  Income Tax Refund Application  CUSTOMS (WeBOC)  Declaration Filing for Imports (GD Imports)  Declaration Filing for Exports (GD Exports)
  6. 6.  The person whose name is appearing in the list as an "Active Tax Payer" issued by the Federal Board of Revenue shall be considered as a filer; also a person holding a "Taxpayers' Card".  Non filers while non-filers means a person who is not a filer of income tax Return.
  7. 7. (Supplies, Services, Contracts, Salaries)  Who to Withhold  Company (Including NPOs, NGO, INGO)  Consortium, JV, Foreign Contractor / Consultant, Exporter  AOP (Annual Turnover Exceeding 50 million)  Business Individual (Annual Turnover Exceeding 50 million)  Every Employer on Payment of Salaries  Every Sale Tax Registered Person
  8. 8.  Statements.— (1) Every person collecting tax under Division II of this Part [or Chapter XII] or deducting tax from a payment under Division III of this Part [or Chapter XII] shall, [ ] furnish to the Commissioner a [monthly] statement in the prescribed form setting out
  9. 9.  [182. Offences and penalties.— (1) Any person who commits any offence specified in column (2) of the Table below shall, in addition to and not in derogation of any punishment to which he may be liable under this Ordinance or any other law, be liable to the penalty mentioned against that offence in column Section 182 substituted by the Finance Act, 2010. The substituted section 182 read as follows:  Where any person fails to furnish a statement as required under section 115, 165 or 165A within the due date.]  Such person shall pay a penalty of Rs. 2500 for each day of default subject to a minimum penalty of fifty thousand rupees.  Example
  10. 10.  Online NTN verfication  PSID/E-challan  Filing wht holding tax u/s section 165  Monthly Sale tax Return