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How Patient Education Impacts Health Care Costs


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Recent studies proves patient education works and can save hospitals money as well as reduce readmissions. A University of Oregon Study found that uninformed patients cost hospitals 8 - 21% more than informed and active patients do. This presentation provides tips on how to improve patient education to increase cost savings.

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How Patient Education Impacts Health Care Costs

  1. 1. How Patient Education Impacts Health Care Costs
  2. 2. New Research Informed patients are more active when it comes to their care, and their healthcare costs are substantially lower than uninformed patients.
  3. 3. Cost Savings • Researchers examined 33,000 patients • Uninformed patients cost hospitals 8-21% more than informed patients • What could your hospital do with 8-21% in cost savings?
  4. 4. The study recommends... “a systematic approach to encourage patients to play a more active role in managing their healthcare”
  5. 5. The evidence suggests... A new quality goal, "...increasing patient activation as an intermediate outcome of care that is measurable and linked with improved outcomes." University of Oregon Study
  6. 6. Focus on... “...policies and interventions aimed at strengthening patients' roles in managing their health care (as they) contribute to improved outcomes”
  7. 7. Translation... Beef up your efforts to identify low information patients and focus most of your education efforts here to have the greatest impact.
  8. 8. What’s a realistic approach?
  9. 9. Use the No Time to Teach Philosophy • Use Assessment and Teach Back • Start on Admission • Use proper tools: o Video, Handouts & Pictures • Build Knowledge over Hospital Stay • Document Everything • Encourage and Coach Want more info? Watch the Patient Educators Update
  10. 10. Focus • Identify active and informed patients o Encourage, guide and support their efforts • Focus on low information patients o What stops them from learning? (use teach back) o Work to overcome obstacles and convert them into informed and active patients
  11. 11. Tools to Support Nursing • Use video to explain, enhance, encourage, supplement, simplify and support your discussions with patients • Use handouts and pictures so patients have supporting documentation
  12. 12. Video on Demand • Improves access to information • Simplifies complex medical topics • Extends every nurse’s patient reach • Saves nurse’s time • Reaches patients in ways handouts can’t • Supports your discussions and coaching
  13. 13. MMDS-Medical Media Delivery System • • • • • • • Patient Education Video on Demand Cost-effective; easy to use Simplifies video delivery Automates documentation Improves patient engagement Helps improve patient education Fully customized to your budget
  14. 14. Need More Information? Synergy Broadcast Systems 800-601-6991 or 972-980-6991 MMDS Web Page Patient Education Articles Patient Educators Update Request a Free Quote for your facility University of Oregon Study