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MMDS Frequently Asked Questions


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MMDS is a video on demand patient education system designed to help nurses and patients enhance and improve patient education. The goal of patient education is to help the patients understand their illness and know what to do to care for themselves after discharge.

MMDS saves nurses time and helps them improve their patient engagement and interaction.

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MMDS Frequently Asked Questions

  1. 1. FAQ’s MMDS Medical Media Delivery System Video on Demand Patient Education From Synergy Broadcast Systems
  2. 2. What is MMDS?  On demand delivery of video education to patient’s in-room TV.  Video is stored on the MMDS Server and can be ordered by the patient or nurse.
  3. 3. What’s in the Video Library?      Videos you own Videos you create Videos you lease Videos you purchase Videos preloaded from our education vendors.
  4. 4. Patient Experience    The typical patient interface is a telephone voice system with English and Spanish prompts. Other languages can be added. A browser interface is available for tablets, smart phones and computers.
  5. 5. Does it Work with Older TV’s?  Yes, MMDS is compatible with: – Older analog TV’s on an analog cable system – Newer flat screens on analog and digital cable systems  Some hospitals have digital cable but convert it down to analog for older TV’s. MMDS can work with both
  6. 6. What Video Format Is Used?  MPEG2 for in-hospital use on TV’s.  H.264 for smart phones, tablets and home computers via the Internet.
  7. 7. Do We Have to Re-Wire the Hospital?  No  MMDS uses your existing infrastructure and will work on: – – – Your existing cable system Your existing phone system Your existing computer network  Nothing special is required which makes MMDS the most cost-effective system available.
  8. 8. Can MMDS Work in Out-Patient Infusion Centers?  MMDS has a touch screen version that works perfectly for chair-bound patients.  Patients can watch TV, movies, read email or do browse the Internet using the touch screen.
  9. 9. Can MMDS Interface with EMR ?       Yes MMDS has an HL7 interface We can work with any ADT and EMR system The connection is live for admits, discharges and transfers as they are received. Video transactions are automatically uploaded to the patient’s record A Summary Report in .pdf format can be attached to the patient’s record
  10. 10. Does it Come with Video?  We provide over 100 free programs.  We also have relationships with popular vendors to preload their content.
  11. 11. What About Digital Signage?  Digital signage is available.  Cable or network delivery.  TV’s can offer same or different content .  Marketing can customize the messages.
  12. 12. How Does the Patient Find Titles?      On their TV. In a Web Browser. From a tent card or list. An Orders Module is available so physicians can create a list for their patients. When the patient calls the system we let them know what titles their doctor wants them to watch. It’s easy and no searching.
  13. 13. More FAQ’s?  Visit our website for more frequently asked questions:  Synergy Broadcast Systems 16115 Dooley Road Addison, TX 75001 972-980-6991 or 800-601-5991